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NIV Audio Bible Dramatized CD Downloads Torrent

as a first-time producer-director, mark pearson never could have imagined such a grand undertaking as creating an all-new the word of promise audio bible. but thanks to the determination and creativity of a great team of directors, actors, engineers, and technicians, the vision has come to life. and now, like so many visions before it, the audio bible project is being made public in a way that will not only stir the hearts of its many listeners, but also give a whole new audience to the christian message of hope, faith and love.

with this release, the new international version has reached a new level of excellence as an audio bible. the original music score by stefano mainetti (abba pater) is a dramatic masterpiece, blending ominous percussive music, passionate strings, and other haunting instrumentation to create a haunting, cinematographic experience, with stirring narration by some of hollywood’s most important performers. the dramatic, professional production values and the breathtaking acting make this the best audio bible ever made.

stunningly filmed by director tony siciliano, the captivating 1.5-hour cd traces the lives of noah, abraham, moses, abraham, david, joseph, jesus and paul in a compelling, cinematic way that will immerse listeners into the drama of the bible. using never-before-heard versions of the text, the audio bible offers a vibrant, creative, and relevant presentation of the scriptures that will speak to young and old. through exceptional reading and acting, dramatic sound effects, and gripping music, the audio bible will be remembered as one of the most faithful and exciting interpretations of the scriptures ever recorded.

NIV Audio Bible Dramatized Bible Audio Books by NIV Audio Bible – Direct Download
audio bible drama cd is a free audio version of the king James. verse by verse in the drama dramatized version of the bible.The niv audiobook download, audiobooks,. don’t have time to listen to the audio version of your bible? This version hasAntibiotic prophylaxis in maxillary sinus surgery.
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