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NFL Waist Flash Federation District Application Channel has been opened, open application in 2017, not limited to city, unlimited region, as long as you have experience, strength, enthusiasm, you can participate in the discharge area.

Thanksgiving Day and breaking two NFL recordsIn this year, the first game of Thanksgiving is only a person in Calvin Johnson. In the Detroit Lion, the Grrigo Bear’s game, Wei Zhentian can’t find any opponent, successfully brought 11 times to advance 146 yards Completed 2 times, helping the team won the game that could not be lost.

Wilke told the media that he has passed one of the exams of the top brain volatile expert to continue your own NFL career. “I know that the outside world has a lot of concerns about my brain, but the most important thing is that I want to let myself feel at ease,” Wilke said. “If there is a problem, I want to know … For me, each result is very good.”

In the game against the tiger, Rudolph’s first half of the passenger passed only 8 times, and the 85 yards were taken and passed. He said that such a bad manifestation and there is no impact on the wind wave when the array. “I think I am doing very well without being distracted by these things,” he said. “This is completely problem that I can’t lead the team.”

After the first half performance is not good, the steelman is a Mike Tomlin. He gave the last opportunity of Rudolph, let him lead the team in the first wave of attack in the second half. But Rudolf was killed once in this wave of attack, and there was a bad pass.

Although no team is interested in him, Wilke is still “100% focus” to restore your career. “I feel that days have passed every day, and my chances are getting smaller,” Wilke said. “But I want to go to the field. I have already enjoyed the life of the break. I have spent a happy time with my wife. But I can’t wait to play. I miss the locker room. I know if there is no ball after the start of the season. I will be very uncomfortable. “

“This is the investment in the team that I have been supporting from I have been supporting cheap jerseys From china Arizona,” Fitzgerad said in an interview. “This makes me a layer with the local community that I loved and I have been lived. This is the long-term promise I want to pay for life after the player’s career.”

With Kelvin Johnson, Hulio Jones and Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas these high-tech work-up Different, Brown’s body compares “petite”, but he still has a four-dimensional “Big” Ben Roseberg (Ben Roethlisberger) forms the most tacit in the alliance.

At the number of the number of balls, the number of columns in the number of balls, the number of columns, the number of columns, the number of the history of the column of the column of the column of Red Tie, last week and the team renewed for 1 year. He said that the commercial investment of the sun will not reduce his investment in players. His goal is to play an excellent season again to help the Red Tit to enter the playoffs for the first time since 2015.

This is no longer the first time that Wei Zhenti ruled the Thanksgiving, and after the two remembered it today, his Thanksgiving Day has reached 8 times in the record; in addition, he became a 10,000 yards A player (115 fields) used in the number of codes. The 30-year-old Wei Zhandian will continue to stay in Detroit, and we may expect him to increase the Thanksgiving reached the height of the two-digit number in the coming year.

Two years ago, the Sun Boss Robert Salf (Robert Sarver) proposed to Fitzgerad to become the sun shareholder. He and Fitzgerad have been in the first time in 2005 and then maintain a close relationship. When Fitzgerad considered retiring two years ago, Salv liaison him discussed him to become the sun shareholder / investor.

The Legend of the Arizona’s rickets recently acquired a part of the sun. The share share was not disclosed. The sun has a value of 1.5 billion US dollars in 2019, while Fitzgerad has been a seasonal holder of the sun since 2005.

Tomlin then decided to let the Subtock 4-point Delin-Hodchz replace Rudolph. “It is to feel that our offensive group needs to change,” Tom Lin explained. “Mason is not enough. Delin played a change to us, complete a few offensive. We will see what is going on next week, next week. But I like the contribution of Delin. I like him to prepare. I appreciate Mason’s efforts, and also appreciate us to make support after Mason. “

The steel man coach will take the team in the outside of the team, and it is jj-watt.Pittsburgh Steelman’s Chief Entry Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) is stunned this season, and the season has just won the 852 yards 7 times. He even passed the ball to reach, it can be said to be the best union. One of the hands out. Steelman’s head coach Mike Tomlin will also be praised by hand, but also directly to compare it with Houstown’s top defensive end of the Houstown. J. Watt.

34-year-old Vilk suffered 3 brain shocks in the past two years. Among them, the second brain shock looked on his career to walk on the downhill. Since the next half of the 2013 season, Vilke has never showing the iconic fearless spirit and the ability to avoid defenders after the ball. He became the burden in the Denver wild horse offensive group last season, and his data is the worst in the 9-year career.

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