Nike Authentic Serial Number Checks [REPACK]

Nike Authentic Serial Number Checks [REPACK]

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Nike Authentic Serial Number Checks

i bought a pair of the airpods pro. they were marked to say “this colour was an early sell out”. when i went to the apple store, they told me it was a test batch.

the serial number on the box said “production# xxxxxxx”.

the box said the “you may also like” option was “grey white” (black and white tick marks)

the box doesn’t have any holes for the headphones to go through.

the seller told me they were fakes and would be refunded.

what should i do?
i’m still quite happy with the earphones

if youve been told your shirt is authentic and its a cheap boot, its highly likely that its from eastern europe. these booties tend to be made of a thinner vinyl material and are often more cheaply made and not as well made as their north american counterparts. bootlegs, or knock-offs, of us made boots are also more common in these areas, as are authentic bootlegs of branded sneakers. there are very few bootlegs of authentic us-made shoes and boots.

if you’re looking to buy a cheap used football shirt, you may be able to find cheap authentic football shirts on ebay. if you’ve been told its a genuine nike shirt however, you’ll need to check with nike to find out what these bootlegs are called. these bootlegs are not for sale on ebay, and they will be tagged as bootlegs.

if you’re looking for cheap football shirts, you can often find them for sale on ebay. if youve been told its authentic however, youll need to do your research and check the nike tag. bootlegs, or knock-offs, of us-made football shirts are fairly rare, but are more common in the eastern european bootleg market.

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nike i can’t do that V2

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