New children’s films that you should not miss in 2022

In 2022, there will be a slew of kid-friendly animated films and movies to look forward to, including two new Pixar films, one of which will feature red pandas and a slew of superhero-related animations for the whole family. Have you seen Superman and Man of Steel? Prepare to meet the mutt of steel in the DC League of Super Pets. Gru, the lovable bad guy, also makes an appearance in another Minions adventure.

And it’s not all superpowered pooches and mischievous yellow misfits. Disney has a couple of surprises in store, including the horizon-spanning spectacle Strange World. At the same time, Netflix’s Jacob and the Sea Beast continues the exploration theme with an ocean-spanning animated epic you can also see tinyzone.


Meanwhile, see if your favorite family films made our list of the 50 best family movies of all time.

New children’s films will be released in 2022.

1. Belle

A fairy tale set in a virtual world, complete with hand-in-the-air anthems and mind-blowing visuals? Please, yes. This one is from Japan, which is already a huge hit and offers a unique take on ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ It follows a young schoolgirl who reinvents herself as a cyberspace superstar and befriends a misunderstood but all-powerful dragon.

2. Turning Red

Pixar is back with possibly its cutest adventure yet. The protagonist is Mei, a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian with an unusual ability: she transforms into a red panda when she is excited or stressed. There aren’t nearly enough animations set in Toronto or featuring panda-based shapeshifting activities. Turning Red is here to correct that.

3. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Yes, the spiky speedster has returned for a new adventure. No, hibernation, hedge burrowing, or other traditional hedgehog activities will not be involved. Instead, Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz) joins forces with a new sidekick named Tails to form a Scooby-and-Scrappy-style duo. Dr Robotnik, played by Jim Carrey, is waiting for them. Mwahahaha.

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4. DC League of Super Pets

Wonder Woman, The Flash, Superman, and others, because Ace, Krypto, and the Mighty Oink are back in a superhero adventure with a twist. When DC’s big-league supes are kidnapped, Krypto (Dwayne Johnson) leads a posse of critters on a rescue mission.

5. Lightyear

Lightyear is an origin story for the real Buzz Lightyear, not the toy who ends up as BFFs with Woody in Toy Story, but a proper spaceman who travels to infinity and beyond for real. It will follow the Space Ranger, played by Chris Evans, as he progresses from trainee astronaut to full-fledged intergalactic hero. Will Zurg be there? Find out this summer.

6. Minions: The Rise of Gru

How does a young child become the world’s greatest supervillain? It was an arc in The Incredibles fueled by intense resentment. It’s more, well, Gru-some in this year’s Minions sequel… Steve Carell’s big-hearted superbad pinches a magical jewel from the Vicious 6 and flees. Fortunately, he has an army of Minions to help him out and make him fall over a lot. Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a character named Jean Clawed.

7. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

The swashbuckling cat returns on an adventure that costs him one of his nine lives. Because no vet can help, Antonio Banderas’ Puss embarks on an epic journey to regain his mortality levels. Kitty Softpaws, Salma Hayek’s cat, returns as the perfect sidekick. It’s like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade but with catnip.

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8. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One)

The smash-hit Spider-Man animated series returns for another trippy, big-swinging adventure. Miles Morales is joined by Gwen Stacy & Jessica Drew – a double dose of female Spider-Man – as he travels through multiple universes, each animated in a different style. Expect a long line of adults for this one, as it is highly anticipated.

9. Strange World

This year’s Thanksgiving offering from Disney is a tribute to pulp magazines (in brief: they used to be printed on pulp paper & were full of thrilling adventures for wide-eyed kids). It comes from the director of Big Hero 6 and Raya and the Last Dragon, and it’s set to ‘journey deep into an uncharted and treacherous land where fantastical creatures await.’

10. Mario

The first attempt to turn Mario, Luigi, and company into movie stars back in 1993 did not go well (Super Mario Bros. star Bob Hoskins famously described it as “the worst thing I ever did”). Nintendo has given Illumination, the animation studio behind Despicable Me and Sing, another chance – presumably under the threat of being roasted by Bowser if they don’t. Chris Pratt plays Mario, and Anya Taylor-Joy plays Princess Peach.

11. Sesame Place

This cinema puppet movie follows a history show host on a quest to prove that Sesame Street is a real place, in the same spirit as the 2010s The Muppets, but with more grumpy green trashcan-dwellers. The town’s sinister mayor plays the evil Tex Richman, while Bo Burnham provides the songs. See you, Elmo!

12. The Sea Beast and Jacob

Netflix follows a sailor into uncharted waters and into an unlikely alliance with a sea monster in a seafaring adventure that will captivate young imaginations. Chris Williams co-directed the magical sea movie Moana, which promises magical undiscovered worlds.


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