Need For A Secular State, By- Arvind Panda

India is a democratic country a country where everyone has right to speak , right to oppose so a country like India which consists of majority and minority like other states .Muslim and Hindu are the main focus of the politics and if there is no mention of secular is in the constitution then the majority have unlimited power and it may suppress the minority so the word secular provide restriction on the power of majority by which safeguard the democracy, save the spirit of democracy in the country like India which claim itself democratic country.

Not only in India, the world is demanding a secular State, it provides an opportunity, a political right, democratic right by which a minority can acquire position in the ministry, position in the government. if the country is not secular it would be difficult for a minority to acquire a membership of a government, for example in England the mayor of a most populous city in the world that is London have a Sadiq Khan a Muslim minority of England it clearly shows that that there is a need of secular state that need to be fulfilled, that need to be accomplished.

In India there are many instances which shows that there is a need of secular state there is need of a neutral politics, there is a need of a secularism. Ayodhya case in which the Babri Masjid got demolished by the some of the political leaders, it was proved that some of the political leaders involved in it and the case of Malegaon is the best example for why we need a secular state because if there is no secular state then a political leaders for the chair can do anything that he want or anything that the majority want.

We can also understand the need of a secular state by comparing secular state with you theocratic state which follow one religion, promoter of one religion but a secular state which has no relation with the religion can help religion to sustain to develop to promote and not to get oppressed by any other so there is a need of secular state in a contemporary world where everyone is believe in their faith want to promote their faith on the cost of the other.

Secular state is a state which does not propagate any religion, is which does not have any relation with a religion and state provides many services known as public services if it is not secular then it may lead to the degradation of quality life of minority religion so state with a secular word in constitution must be present in the contemporary world and this state may be in future developed as a welfare state a state that everyone desire of.

 Need of a secular state can be also understand by that secular state can be considered as a right, right which is back by recognition right which got social recognition ,right which get a political recognition ,so to maintain that right we need a secular state, right which is mentioned in constitution of India.

                                                                                                                               BY- Arvind Panda

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