Natural Law – Jurisprudence by Zainub @LEXCLIQ

There is no generally accepted definition or interpretation of Natural Law. In jurisprudence, the term “natural law” refers to laws and principles that are thought to have arisen from a greater power than any political or human authority. It reflects the Natural Physical Law, which is based on moral values and applies equally in all places and circumstances.

It’s been used a few times to explain a change or maintain the status quo, depending on the needs and conditions of the time. Locke, for example, used Natural Law to bring about reform, while Hobbes used it to uphold the status quo. The ideals of Rule of Law in England and India, as well as due process in the United States, are all based on Natural Law.

Natural Law is fundamental and irrevocable since it has existed omnipotent and unchangeable since the beginning of time. Natural Law is not something that man creates; it is something that he discovers. Natural Law is not imposed by any external entity. Natural Law is a higher type of law since it is the product of the teachings of philosophers, prophets, saints, and others, rather than statute.

Natural Law does not have a written code. Furthermore, there is no simple liability for violating its rules, and no real motivation to obey them. The essence of national law is immutable and everlasting. Natural Law is often referred to as Divine Law, Natural Law, God’s Law, and so on. The Divine Law is God’s order that is imposed on men.

According to Hindu belief, Natural Law owes its existence to God. Legal texts are known as “Shruti” and “Smritis.” The king’s duty is to actually carry out the law; he is bound by it and will be disobeyed if he does not. According to the Puranas, kings who disobeyed the written law were dethroned and beheaded. In this sense, the definition of the rule of law can also be seen.

If we consider the evolution of mankind before we became a superior race, the rule of the forest was applied “survival of the fittest,” it is possible to work out minimum standards and principles that would be relevant to different individuals, political philosophies, and ethical codes of the contemporary civilised world.

The laws we made were founded on the natural morality of the time, and as the times changed, so did the standard of morality, and so the interpretation of natural laws.

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