Natural Immune Booster – Just what it Means

click here to learn moreThere are a lot of natural immune boosters. A proper diet is probably the greatest one that should be adopted by everybody. A healthy diet regime will be nutrient dense, obviating the need for dietary supplements.

Healthy dietary supplements, for example natural vitamin C and blue green algae, can help to handle the short fall of an unhealthy diet plan.

Echinacea is yet another famous natural immune booster. Others include super-foods, like goji berries, raw cacao, mangosteen, metabolic Renewal workouts acai berry and others.

As a homeopath, I am often asked if I’ve an organic immune booster. Because this (understandably) shows a total absence of appreciation of what homeopathy is and how it truly does work, I feel this is a great place to deal with it.

First of all, lets look at mainstream medicine. Medicine views the body as imperfect. It believes that modern medicine can improve on nature.

Homeopathy views the body as currently perfect, but there are numerous elements which have contributed to’ blockages’ forming, to use an analogy. These’ blockages’ prevent the body’s immune system from working as it’s able to, without them.

This very fundamental difference of approach makes the earth of difference to how you’re treated. Health drugs aim to reduce the symptoms. This is why you are usually told you are going to need to remain in one (or many) for the remainder of the life of yours – to continually subdue the body.

In effect, this is immune suppressive since it doesn’t let the body open expression. Ultimately, obviously, that leads to more and more health problems.

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