National Environment Policy, 2006 by Zainub @LEXCLIQ

At present there are three foundational philosopies for India’s key development:

  1. People should be in a position to enjoy a decent lifestyle.
  2. Humanity should have respect for the finiteness of the biosphere,
  3. Neither the desire for good life, and nor the acceptance of biophysical limits should decide the search for justice in the world.


We have certain national policies for environmental management such as National Forest Policy, 1988 National Conservation Strategy and Policy Statement on Environment and Development, 1992 Policy Statement on Abatement of Pollution,1992 National Agriculture Policy, 2000 National Population Policy, 2000 National Water Policy, 2020 , National Population Policy, 2000 all these have devoted towards the environment management. With times we have realized that sustainable development is the key essential for enhancement of human well-being and we need a vigorous policy with an efficient framework for keeping a check, reviewing and balancing everything.

Poverty and economic growth are also the key challenges in environmental degradation, these are implied but they directly affects the environmental resources such as land, water, air, flora and fauna, population growth all these are directly related to it.As they results in changes of relationship between humans and nature such as intensive agriculture, unplanned urbanization, polluting industry.

For all of this we need a balance and harmony between economics, social, and environment needs of the country. The National Environment Policy  is  our national commitment to a clean environment, mandated in  in Articles 48 A and 51 A (g), strengthened by judicial interpretation of Article 21 of our Constitution. So, maintaining a healthy environment is everyone’s responsibility not only state’s. so everyone’s participation is necessary for a cleaner and healthy environment.

We have covered all these concerns in the National Environment policy and came up with solutions to mainstream all of the environmental challenges.

The dominant theme of this policy is that while conservation of environmental resources is necessary to secure livelihoods and well-being of all, the most secure basis for conservation is to ensure that people dependent on particular resources obtain better livelihoods from the fact of conservation, than from degradation of the resources.’

Objectives of this policy are :

  1. To preserve the critical ecological systems and resources everything which is directly or indirectly affecting the human well-being.
  2. Equal access to every resources to everyone in the society.
  3. To use resources wisely for the future generation.
  4. To include environmental concerns in policy or acts so they could be implemented efficiently.
  5. Principle of good governance.


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