Name Of The Topic / Police complaint


Mr. Station President

Nasirabad Police Station

Subject- The Police Officer Incharge


I am Nivedita Rathore age 19 years D/o Late Kumar mapreet Singh village Nasirabad.  On 16.11.20 at around 7:00 in the evening, I had gone on a long drive on a bike  with my friend Prakash, but we lost our way and went to village Sarwar District Ajmer , when we were returning back 5-6 unknown boys came and stopped our bike and they took my dupatta and molesting me and started doing obscene acts with me.  We got scared and gave our mobile and money to the boys. while  Pappu and Naveen were calling each other by name. The boys tried to hurt my friend prakash but somehow we runaway to save our life from these boys.


Therefore, I request you to kindly take appropriate legal action.

Nivedita Rathore

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