Mind Fog – Can Brain Supplements Help?

What’s Brain Fog

Mind fog (also also known as cognitive dysfunction) is a unique condition which affects men and women of all ages. Brain fog is distinguished by a state of confusion, or www.mindlabpro.com/ (hop over to these guys) possibly a decreased level of clarity. Basically, it’s a disorder which can cause forgetfulness and trouble concentrating. It is not technically recognized as a medical disorder, although most health experts agree that it exists. Brain fog is an actual condition and not a representation of an individual’s intelligence.

It can easily be almost anything from losing the vehicle keys typically to forgetting a remedy to a test question you understand you know. It can be a person asking you a question and you go blank. It can easily be forgetting what you’re doing. Now surfing the net can be a form of brain fog. You sit down to look into a subject as well as the next thing you know you have forgotten what you were doing in the very first place.

nootropic supplementCauses

There are many possible causes of mind fog. The very first and probably the most frequent is fatigue. Not enough sleep is able to wreck havoc on the mind of yours as well as the body of yours. Getting enough sleep is the easiest way to prevent this problem. That’s much easier said than done! Staying away from caffeinated beverages in the evening is a great start. It’s also a good option to keep evening activities as calm as possible. Limiting disruptions from the television or computer could also help increase your quality of sleep.


Stress is one other common cause of brain fog. Stress can over stimulate the brain as well as cause all kinds of issues with concentration and memory. Lowering stress levels isn’t necessarily easy, but there are many ways to do it. Getting a great night of rest, eating even and healthfully yoga are all good places to start.

Substance Deficiencies

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