Merits Of Tawbah

Tawbah is a beautiful thing that means asking Allah Almighty for forgiveness for sins you’ve done in the past. The best period for the Tawbah is during the Umrah in Ramadan. Umrah in the month of Ramadan is equal to the Hajj. You can perform the Umrah by booking 5 Star Ramadan Umrah Deal with Islamic Travel. When we ask Allah for forgiveness in a sincere way, we strengthen our faith and make a strong connection with our Lord.

Merits Of Tawbah

The following three steps includes in the process of making Tawbah:

  • Seeing and saying that you made a mistake or did something wrong.
  • Feeling bad about breaking Allah’s trust and sorry about it.
  • Making a promise not to do something wrong again that He had already done.

Many scholars believe that the Tawbah is not sincere or pure if any of these three steps is missing. The fourth condition is added if the person’s sin affected the rights of someone else. For example, if breaking rights involves money, property, etc. It must be given back to him, or he won’t be able to ask Allah to forgive him for his mistakes. Allah Almighty made man to worship Him, and He is very happy when man leaves all bad things in His hands and goes back to the right path. Allah’s Messenger said:
“Every son of Adam sins, and the best of those who sin are the ones who turn away from them.”

Repentance paves the way for success:

If a person chooses the right path and stops doing things that are against the law, he will get Allah’s mercy and the benefits and rewards that come with it. Allah will also protect and help the person who makes Tawbah. When a person truly apologises, he or she can be sure that Allah will help them, which is a step toward success in this life and the next. Allah Almighty said in Surah Al-Noor verse 31:

“And ask Allah to forgive you all, O Believers! That you might do well”

So, Tawbah opens the door to Allah’s grace in this life and in the next. In this world, Allah says he will give people more wealth, blessings, and children as a reward. In the third verse of Surah Hood, He Almighty said:

“Ask your Lord to forgive you and turn back to Him in repentance, so that He can give you good things for a set time and give His many graces to everyone who has grace. But if you turn away, I fear the pain of a big Day of Resurrection for you.”

Again, the Prophet Hood AS told his people in Surah Hood 52:

“Hello, people! Ask your Lord to forgive you, and then turn back to Him. He will send you lots of rain and give you more strength, so don’t run away like thieves or bad people.”

Repentance keeps us from going through hard times:

What we plant in this life is what we get back. It’s the result of our test. Sins can follow us around in this life and the next. The more sins we do, the more Allah could take away his blessings from us and the harder tests and trials we could have to go through. So, Tawbah can help us find a way out of our problems and troubles in this life. Allah SWT said in Holy Quran, in Surah Al-Tawbah verse 126:

“Don’t they know that they have to go through probation once or twice a year? But they don’t change their minds or learn anything from it.”

Repentance helps us get rid of bad thoughts:

When a person sins, his mind and soul always feel bad about it, even if he didn’t know it at the time. Sins always leave us feeling guilty, and that feeling stays with us. We can always ignore those guilty feelings, but we know from experience that they slowly take away our happiness, peace of mind, and sense of satisfaction. On the other hand, repentance washes away that guilt, fills our hearts with joy, and brings us closer to the God who made everything.

Allah likes repentance:

Repenting to Allah is one of the most loved ways to worship, so it makes Him very happy when people do it. If a person is in the same group as those who make Tawbah, they can also earn Allah’s love and blessings. He SWT said in Surah Bakarah verse 222:

“Truly, Allah loves those who repent and turn back to Him. He also loves those who clean themselves.”

Prophet PBUH said:

“Allah is happier with His slave’s Tawbah than with a person who camps in a place where his life is in danger. But the animal he is riding gives him food and water. He then puts his head down and sleeps for a short time. When he wakes up, his horse is gone. He starts looking for it and has to deal with plain heat and thirst, or whatever Allah wanted him to have to deal with. He says next:

“I’ll go back to where I live.” He comes back and goes back to sleep. Then, when he wakes up, he raises his hand and sees his horse standing next to him. You can imagine how happy this makes him. Allah is happier with his slave’s Tawbah than with his or her happiness after being saved from death.”

From the beautiful Hadith above, he can see that people who truly repent experience happiness, as described above, and that this has a deep effect on a person and their heart.

Tawbah is a process that can change your life:

Tawbah by itself doesn’t just mean giving up bad habits; it also means replacing them with good ones. Repenting and turning to Allah is a process that can really change a person, as Allah SWT said in the Holy Quran:

“Except for those who change their minds, do good things, and tell everyone about it. I will accept their repentance, and I am the Most Merciful One who accepts repentance.”

When we ask for forgiveness, God is more likely to answer our prayers:

Dua is a direct way for a person to talk to his Lord. Allah is more likely to hear the prayers and calls of people who are being mistreated, who are on the move, who ask Allah while on their knees, or who are fasting. This is because these situations make a person more humble, and God responds more to people who are in such a state.

Sincere Tawbah makes it possible to be forgiven:

Prophet PBUH said:

“Allah will accept the slave’s repentance if he admits his sin and tries to make up for it.”

Both the Quran and the Hadith make it clear that when a person makes a sincere Tawbah, Allah recognises their sins and gives them the strength to not do them again.

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