MeToo, Rape Culture and the Paradoxes of Social Media Campaigns | Social  Justice

Tarana Burkey founded ME TOO in 2006 as a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a safe space for women who have traditionally been left out of public debates about rape and sexual assault to speak out about their experiences. Burkey explained in a recent interview with Ebony magazine that it’s about “empowerment through empathy.” “It was a catchphrase passed down from victim to survivor to let people know what was going on.

In the midst of the public and violent battle to remove accused serial sexual predators, #METOO was adopted as a call to arms to all victims of sexual assault twelve years later.

Alyssa Milano, an actress, and activist rushed to Twitter to feed the flames of anger in the midst of what appeared to be a worldwide awakening to the frequency of sexual harassment and assault. –an is a term that many people are familiar with.



Sexual harassment in the workplace is regarded as a serious violation of a woman’s rights around the world, and it is a common type of violence against women. Gender roles, on the other hand, offer men the power to legitimize the harassment of women. As a result, sexual harassment is a mirror reflecting men’s dominance over women, which helps them maintain patriarchal relationships.

Women are often subjected to violence as a result of patriarchal attitudes, which can be subtle or overt, and they are expected to conform to dogmatic gender roles. The greatest problem in resolving and preventing sexual harassment is the patriarchal ideas and attitudes of both women and men. Sexual harassment in the workplace, like other types of violence, is not harmless.


The #MeToo campaign was launched in India in 2018, as a result of the international #MeToo movement. Women from all walks of life gathered to tell their tales about being abused by men in positions of power, inspired by the global campaign against sexual assault and harassment. It all began in October 2018, when actress Tanushree Dutta accused actor Nana Patekar of sexual harassment.

The same was followed by complaints from a number of movie stars, who talked about times when they were assaulted or harassed on the job. Despite the fact that laws exist to prevent women from being sexually harassed, the problem persists. In the case of Vishakha v State of Rajasthan in India, a writ petition disclosing a case of horrific gang rape and the dangers that women face at work was filed.



In India, sexual harassment is well-known thanks to the Vishakha judgment, which for the first time took into account the rise in sexual harassment. The POSH Act defines “sexual harassment” in accordance with the Supreme Court’s definition in the Vishaka decision.

Contrary to popular belief, it causes significant harm and is a clear example of workplace sex discrimination. Not only is it an infringement of a woman’s fundamental rights under Article 19 (1) (g) of the Indian Constitution to “practice any profession or carry out any occupation, trade or business,” but it also erodes equality and puts the dignity and physical and mental health of women at risk.


Despite the fact that #Metoo was only a campaign, it inspired citizens to oppose harassment. The courts, on the other hand, have been active in giving directives to states to ensure that the Internal Complaints Committee for the organized sector and the Local Complaints Committee for the unorganized sector is constituted by the authorities.

Sexual harassment in the workplace has grown in importance as a result of the increased number of women in the workforce. Various specific individuals, particularly those in the media and entertainment industries, have been widely blamed. However, the question that has to be answered is whether the claims made on the Internet are legally valid?








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