Malpractices can be defined as a behaviour which deviates from the formal duties of a public role because of private regarding (personal, close family, private clique) pecuniary or status gains; or violates rules against the exercise of certain types of private-regarding influence.

When we consider different sports, it leaves grey areas in what constitutes cheating. Whether something is cheating or not can come down to custom and acceptance. If both teams do the same thing and everyone accepts that ‘cheating’, such as not walking in cricket, is now part of the game it is not considered cheating any more. But if one team considers ball-tampering wrong, no matter the circumstances and the other team thinks it is a grey area then a problem clearly arises. Teams and individuals may keep pushing the edges of grey zones until either the rules are changed or enforced, or the practice becomes accepted and ceases to be considered as cheating. Consequently, each sport draws the line on cheating in their own way and at varying levels.The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), issued a report, and confirmed that the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) athletes were cheating.


Accusations of malpractices such as use of steroid  for superior performance have been around a long time. Major league baseball held hearings, and accused several players of doping. Even golf has its doping accusations, with at least one top player, Vijay Sing, locked in a multi-year legal battle because he admitted using deer antler spray to improve his performance.

Recently , During India v. Australia cricket  test match , the hosts were seen employing tactics to disturb Rishabh  Pant with constant chatter but the worst came when former Australian captain Steve Smith tried to scrub the batting and guard mark of Pant during a break with his spikes And he was caught in the act.

Steve has also served a year long ban for his infamous sandpaper gate incident in south Africa.


Sports administrations and authorities  are required to implement procedures that can  ensure transparency, non-arbitrariness, and a proper flow of information. Sports federations should send stringent disclosure requirements and adequate communication of activities to the public as transparency and accountability are considered to be the first line of defence against malpractices.

The sports federations are answerable to the general public because they perform an important public function such as the selection of players for different national teams and the efficient management system which ensures the competitive representation of the team or individual players at international and national sporting events.

A good option that could be considered is the creation of organisations and authorities in which international governments and sports organizations can collaborate to address practices that have a reverse impact on the game and can come up with best practices on how to enforce effective compliance with rules that are to be implemented to safeguard the characteristics of sports and fair play. The foundation of the international anti-doping agency, WADA, is a good example of such collaboration that deserves copying.

Sport sectors need rules and laws and the real  challenge is the right design of such laws and the enforcement of compliance, as the instances happened lately have made clear. Like other sectors, the sports sector calls for better laws and for better compliance.


In a worldly society, where ethics and moral stature of its inhabitants appears to be improving at a rapid pace, it seems that in sports, it may have begun to lag behind. Sports authorities can not ignore this. Racism and malpractices that  runs through the bloodstream of sport, from basic to top level. We need to weed out the racism& malpractices and reform the structures that out them there in the first place.

What gives  hope that such racism and malpractices can be abolished, albeit with a steady decline, is that governing bodies within sports give fans the ultimatum that will hopefully scare them into forcing themselves to look in the mirror and observe their backwards views. The idea of changing the ways of people appears to be a very dramatic but can be a successful, way of stamping out racism and malpractices within sport.

Maybe one day sport will reach the heights in equality evidently seen in athletics where black, brown and white sports-people participate in almost perfect harmony when competing to be the world’s best with the utmost honesty and loyalty.

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