Make Money From Blog Posts & Backlinks

Make Money With Blog Posts & Links

Emily Backlink recently was hired as one of the social media managers of many prominent online businesses. Recently, she was featured in a number of business blogs where she spoke about her work as a strategist in social media. She is currently gaining and emilybacklink improving her skills to better market herself as well as her potential consulting role with a respected law firm. Her main selling point is that her services aren’t costly and don’t need any upfront fees. She advertises her services through several platforms and provides an “no pressure” style of design and an atmosphere that is appealing to people who are intimidated by other more traditional methods of marketing online. Her offerings are described as:

Commenting on blogs and web logs. This is her most basic, emilybacklink yet crucial aspect. Simply, she adds her name and emilybacklink website link in the appropriate comments on blog posts and blog comments. This generates backlinks that take visitors to her website that allows her to get the traffic she desires.

A blog thread is a method to get started. Emily Backlink frequently offers this additional service. When you click one button bloggers and readers are able to start a blog topic. When a blog thread is initiated, Backlink makes sure that it is kept up to date by posting comments on a regular basis.

Commenting on other’s blogs. This is probably the most popular service Emily Backlink provides. It is as easy as placing a blog comment by clicking the button provided and then leaves an URL that points back to her website. She then enjoys all advantages of keeping her blog active and also makes money by doing it.

Contributing articles and blog posts to blogs. Emily provides a different service. She writes articles and blog posts that are pertinent and useful to different types of people. Backlink even handles copyright, by putting her name as the writer. After that, she leaves the link to her website.

These are just some examples of Emily’s services. There is no guarantee that you will earn money through the Emily services. It is possible to make money by having a solid strategy in helping others build their blogs. Keep in mind that this is a enterprise just like every other and you’ll need to invest time to make money.

This article is designed to be used for informational purposes only. The information contained in this article is not designed to be used as a substitute for expert financial advice from a professional. Always consult with your lawyer prior to doing anything that may be legally obligatory. It should be noted however that earning money on the internet requires one to invest time and money. There are many who try but fail at Internet Marketing.

How does one make money using Emily’s services. You can join Emily’s blogger network. After that, each time you blog an article or include an backlink to an article by Emily, you will make money. There are numerous ways to make money online, including AdSense, affiliate marketing and blogging. But none of these other methods will provide you with the same direct link to your site as Emily Backlink’s links offered by Emily Backlink.

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