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Mac3Tag is a Java-based application designed to create, edit and remove ID3 tags from MP3 audio tracks, including cover art. It comes in handy whenever you want to prepare your music collection for playback on media devices which can read metadata.
Prerequisites and interface
The tool's not packed in a setup kit. However, you must have Java installed. You can drop the program files anywhere on the disk or copy them to a USB flash drive, in order to double-click the .jar executable file and run Mac3Tag on any computer with Java. It doesn't modify Windows registry settings or create files on the disk without asking for permission.
As far as the GUI is concerned, the utility opts for a normal window with a well-structured layout, where you can open as many MP3 files as you want and view the full paths in the task list.
Add, remove or edit ID3 tags
It's possible to set or modify the title, artist, album, genre, track number and year of one or multiple selected tracks at the same time. Meanwhile, cover art can be loaded from image files with the .jpg, .jpeg or .png extensions.
The additional features available help you set the starting track number to automatically increment all tracks, convert title, album or artist tags by defining patterns, as well as change the text encoding mode to Big5, CESU-8, GBK, IBM-Thai, ISO-2022-CN, KOI8-R, or something else.
Evaluation and conclusion
It didn't put a strain on PC performance in our tests, running on a low amount of CPU and RAM. No error dialogs popped up and it didn't hang or crash. Tags were edited quickly and without any issues.
On the other hand, Mac3Tag's options are not that intuitive to inexperienced users. Plus, its interface could use some improvements in the graphical department.







Mac3Tag Free Download [32|64bit] [Updated]

Price: $29.00;

MacRip is a DVD Ripper, converter and encoder for CD and DVD media. It supports 4:3 and 16:9 DVD/VCD and CD/CD-DA input and output. This program can rip any kind of DVD (legally or illegally ripped), copy your DVD/CD media to another format (in both copy and edit modes) or create a video from a single or multiple DVD/CD/VCD/SVCD/DVD+RW/CD-RW/CD-R tracks. MacRip can also rip audio CD to MP3, OGG, AAC and AC3 files.
MacRip is no stranger to the world of screen layout and has a simple, stylish and clean interface with plenty of controls at hand.
The central part of the GUI is the task panel, where you can select the type of media you want to process and configure options such as video and audio parameters.

Adobe Flash Player 10 is not available for download on the software’s page. On the Mac, it can be installed from the same page as the software, using the installer included in the installer package. However, on Windows, it’s possible to download the Flash Player 10 for Windows package and install it with a single mouse click.
Adobe Flash Player 10 is one of the features that are presented by MacRip. With it, you can edit your videos with many different tools and effects, which are available in the program.
Evaluation and conclusion
From its educational perspective, this program will help students with their assignments. However, it doesn’t offer a lot of functionalities to professionals and as far as the price is concerned, it’s not cheap.
MacRip Description:
Price: $39.00;

FMPPE is a program to convert video files between formats, such as convert FLV, WMV, ASF, AVI, MPG, MP4 and MOV to MP4, HD WMV and MP3. It’s not easy to find a suitable program to convert almost any format to almost any format. The software has a quite simple interface which offers basic functions, but it has a lot of options and filters.
MacRip offers a clean and simple interface. It uses a two-pane layout, where the primary pane displays the media you want to process, while the secondary pane displays the options you can use.
The program is divided

Mac3Tag Crack+ Free [Updated] 2022

• Allows you to manage cover art and track information for several audio files and load them automatically, when necessary.
• Automatically increment the track number of every audio file without any intervention.
• Edits ID3 tag values of multiple selected tracks in the same time.
• Detects covers in image format and loads them automatically.
• Supports cover art resolutions: 320×180, 352×288, 640×400, 640×480, 848×480, 960×600, 1280×600, 1024×768 and 1280×1024.
• Converting of track titles, albums, artists, genre, cover art and encoded by patterns.
• Changes text encoding: big5, cesu8, gbk, iso2022-cn, koi8-r and utf-8.
• Set beginning and end of tracks by the setting of track number.
• Optionally, it loads cover art automatically from a folder containing files of the specified type.
• Supports cover art resolutions: 320×180, 352×288, 640×400, 640×480, 848×480, 960×600, 1280×600, 1024×768 and 1280×1024.
• Help file is a part of the installation.
• Edits ID3 tag values of multiple selected tracks in the same time.
• A lot of settings you can change using a dialog.
• The program supports universal ID3 and other free and open formats such as ID3v2.3, MP3, OGG, MP4, WMA, AAC, AIF, AU, FLAC, WAV, APE and MID.
• Reads and writes audio file tags with editing track number, album, artist, genre, cover art, etc.
• Automatically reads cover art from folder.
• JAR file.

Convert JPG to MP3 Player is powerful and easy to use tool which can convert JPG and JPG to MP3. Besides, it also can read and edit your MP3 files.
Key features:
– Read and write Audio Files
– Convert JPG to MP3 player
– Read and edit your MP3 file
– Support all MP3 and JPG formats
– Support batch conversion
– Support all kinds of pictures
– Support command line arguments

WavPack Converter is a fast and easy-to-use WavPack and MP3 WavPack Converter, that can convert

Mac3Tag Crack With Serial Key

Manage and edit ID3 tags
The most important advantage of Mac3Tag is undoubtedly its command-line interface, which allows you to add, remove and edit ID3 tags.
Write any of the available ID3v1, ID3v2.3 or ID3v2.4 tags to MP3 files with just a couple of mouse clicks. The utility covers the following attributes: title, artist, album, genre, track number and year of one or multiple selected tracks.
Moreover, Mac3Tag allows you to load cover art from image files with the.jpg,.jpeg or.png extensions and to set the starting track number to automatically increment all tracks.

Collection of freeware from the author:

Cerber Tools 1.0
Cerber Tools is a free program designed to recover your lost files, despite the unfortunate event. Just run this tool and it will start scanning the system for the lost files, thus bringing them back.

Anti-Porn 1.0
Anti-Porn is a powerful anti-pornware software application designed to remove adult content from any media files, including MP3, MP4, AVI, DVD, VCD, and image files.

Cloud Backup Free 2.3
Cloud Backup Free is a powerful cloud backup software application designed to free users from the headache of manually backing up their data.

CoverFighter Free 1.1
CoverFighter Free is an effective and efficient tool to get rid of annoying and unwanted popup ads. It has been designed to work seamlessly with Firefox and Chrome.

e-Trak C 4.2
e-Trak C 4.2 is an easy to use tool that enables you to automatically backup any portion of your system. You can also create system backup on the fly.

File Smacker Free 1.0
File Smacker Free is an effective file encryption tool designed to encrypt all files in any directory without any difficulty.

Fileshare Genius
Fileshare Genius is a file sharing tool designed to facilitate the sharing of files with a huge community of users. The software allows you to create an unlimited number of personal profiles and categories.

FileRescaper 1.0.1
FileRescaper is a powerful program designed to easily and quickly recover your lost files. Just select the files you want to recover, set the recovery mode and hit the Recover button.


What’s New In?

iKang (Kang is Korean for kid or child) is an easy to use free file transfer program for Windows. It can transfer large files over a network with very little hassle. It has many capabilities that a simple file transfer program should have. It can access FTP, HTTP, and SMTP protocols. It can rename and move files. It can create ZIP archives of files, and there are many more features.

iKang is a freeware program. It is completely free of charge and requires no registration to use. The source code is available so you can make improvements yourself if you want.
How iKang Works
iKang uses a network connection to transfer files. You can transfer files by FTP, HTTP, and SMTP. These protocols can be used in conjunction with each other. iKang will send files to the server and retrieve files from the server. You can use any server you wish. You can also use a custom server.
How to Install iKang
iKang can be downloaded as an executable from the iKang homepage. You will need to have a network connection to download it. There is a download manager included with the program which will be useful for transferring the file. You do not need to register for iKang.
File transfer
Files can be downloaded and uploaded from the program. It has the ability to create ZIP archives for large files. You can download and upload files from FTP servers using the program. iKang can create self-extracting archives and can transfer files to self-extracting archives.
iKang can be run on your CD or DVD and moved from one machine to another. There is no need to install the program on each machine. You can take your files with you. You can also use it in a virtual machine.
iKang Encryption
iKang uses standard encryption options, such as single-pass and AES, to protect the data. The program can be used to encrypt data or to encrypt large files. You can use any standard encryption and decryption method you like.
File Rename
iKang can be used to rename files. You can rename files in any way you like. The program has a free-form text editor.
File Search
iKang can search for files and locate them on the disk. The program uses standard search methods, such as regex, regular expressions, to locate files.
File Moves
iKang can move files. You can move files into other folders on the disk. You can use the program to move files to folders or into archives.
File Merging
iKang can merge files. You can merge files into one large file. It can also merge files into archives.
File Compression
iKang can compress files. It has the ability to compress files to create self-extracting archives.

System Requirements:

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac
Mac Minimum Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.7.5 or newer
Apple’s Boot Camp driver
9GB free space
A 3.0GHz processor
At least 1GB of RAM
Minimum System Requirements:
At least 1GB of RAM Windows Minimum

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