M.C. Mehta vs Union of India

Case Fact

A writ petition was filed by a social activist lawyer, M.C.Mehta, he sought a closure for Shriram industries as it was involved within the making of unsafe materials and positioned in a densely populated location of Kirti Nagar.While the petition became pending, on 4th and 6th December 1985, there had been leakage of oleum gas from certainly considered one among its units which prompted the loss of life of a lawyer and affected the fitness of numerous others. The incident befell on December four, 1985. Just after three hundred and sixty five days from the Bhopal gas catastrophe a massive quantity of persons – each among the workmen and public had been affected. This incident additionally reminded of the Bhopal Gas holocaust. M.C Mehta filed a PIL beneathneath Articles 21 and 32 of the Constitution and sought closure and relocation of the Shriram Caustic Chlorine and Sulphuric Acid Plant which became positioned in a thickly populated location of Delhi.

Factories had been closed down at once as Inspector of Factories and Commissioner (Factories) issued separate orders dated December 8th and 24, 1985 . This incident passed off only some months earlier than Environment (Protection) Act got here into pressure, as a result have become a guiding pressure for having an powerful regulation like this. There are six suggested orders withinside the Shriram Food and Fertilizer Industry case of the Supreme Court of India, out of those six, 4 orders had been reported earlier than Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 became surpassed and the date from which it got here into pressure. Thus the suggested orders are applicable and crucial as they shed new mild on how especially poisonous and dangerous materials enterprise need to be treated and contained and managed to limit risks to the people and preferred public.



  1. Whether such hazardous industries to be allowed to operate in such areas
  2. If they are allowed to work in such areas, whether any regulating mechanism be evolved.
  3. Liability and amount of compensation how to be determined.



The Chief Justice confirmed his deep issue for the protection of the human beings of the Delhi from the leakage of hazardous materials just like the one here – oleum gas. He became of the opinion that we can not undertake the coverage to put off chemical or hazardous industries as in addition they assist to enhance the first-rate of life, a sin this situation this factory, became offering chlorine to Delhi Water Supply Undertaking that is used to preserve the wholesomeness of ingesting water. Thus industries despite the fact that risky ought to be installation because they’re vital for monetary improvement and development of properly being of the human beings.

all the people can do is to just wish to lessen the detail of risk or chance to the network via way of means of taking all important steps for finding such industries in a rely which could pose least chance of threat to the network and maximizing protection necessities in such industries Thus the Supreme Court became of the opinion that general ban at the above enterprise of public utility will hinder the developmental activities.


It was also observed that permanent closure of the factory would result in the unemployment of 4000 workers, caustic soda factory and add to social problem of poverty. Therefore the court made an order to open the factory temporarily subject to eleven conditions and appointed an expert committee to monitor the working of the industry.

The court also suggested that a national policy will have to be evolved by the Government for the location of toxic or hazardous industries and a decision will have to be taken in regard of relocation of such industries with a view to eliminate risk to the community.

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