Leyla Aliyeva’s priority is Environmental Education

Leyla isn’t just the daughter of the first Azerbaijani president, but she is also an activist on many matters, among them the environment. Although many don’t understand what environmental education means, for Leyla Aliyeva it’s been a major concern. Leyla Aliyeva Environmental education is about being informed about environmental issues and ways you can help improve them. It is something we all need to make efforts to achieve. It’s impossible to make responsible decisions regarding the future without a solid understanding regarding environmental issues.

Leyla Aliyeva https://www.behance.net/gallery/130402341/Leyla-Aliyeva-website?tracking_source=search_projects_recommended|azerbaijan Leyla Aliyeva was a long-time member in politics and has contributed to build a path towards healthier and cleaner future, both for her as well as for the next generation. She believes that education is essential to understand the vulnerability of the earth. To help everyone see the obvious link between environmental degradation and human activities.

Leyla Aliyeva Leyla Aliyeva’s IDEA campaign

Leyla Aliyeva is well aware that the majority of people see this topic as complex and boring. That’s why in 2011, she launched the IDEA campaign (International Dialogue for Environmental Action campaign). One of the major goals was to make the environmental and stability issue more entertaining and engaging particularly for children and the generation to come.

Leyla Aliyeva Aliyeva spoke to Equinox.com in an interview about the difficulties she experienced in her journey through the environmental realm. However, she was concerned with how these struggles led to growth that eventually led to huge success and appreciation. “The IDEA campaign put education first right from the very beginning. It was the most effective way to inspire people to care about the environment and to be responsible. The people who are involved, particularly youth will spread the message with their peers and motivate them to take the initiative further.

This is the reason why the campaign puts the most time and effort in education and awareness-raising. Aliyeva stated that they add the latest activities each year to their agenda, focusing on three areas for the younger generation, which include students and children from five years old. IDEA’s educational offerings that include workshops, seminars on scientific subjects and lectures, vacation camps, discussions, and fieldstudies sessions, have been loved by a large number of people every year.

Goodwill Ambassador for FAO

Leyla Aliyeva enjoyed a wonderful year in 2015. After years of volunteering and contributing to environmental and humanitarian activities, she was elected a FAO Goodwill Advocate. The title was awarded to her in recognition of her numerous achievements in fighting hunger, improving food safety, increasing the efficiency of fishing, agriculture and forestry and establishing sustainable food systems.

Leyla Aliyeva The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, founded in 1945, was created with its primary goal of increasing levels of nutrition, increasing agricultural productivity, improving the conditions of rural communities as well as contributing to the growth of the global economy. In the present, FAO is a United Nations specialization agency within the system that is the largest and most influential in agriculture forest, rural, and agricultural development.


Azerbaijan was admitted to the FAO in October 1995. Leyla Aliyeva The FAO has been implementing a wide range of initiatives in Azerbaijan both national and international. These include the development and improvement of food security , managing resource expanding potential, and fighting plant and animal diseases. In addition, those initiatives are based upon technical cooperation plans that meet the top needs of the Azerbaijani government. Azerbaijan.

The year 2015 witnessed the trip of Jose Graziano da Silva the FAO’s director general to Azerbaijan. In the course of that visit there were two agreements signed which included the “Agreement Between the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations regarding the establishment of the Coordination and Cooperation Office and offering Technical Assistance” as well as the ” Agreement for FAO-Azerbaijan Partnership Program”. Agreeing to work together in a common cause. The Government of Azerbaijan has already contributed significantly to technical assistance for projects relating to the development of foreign and local agriculture.

Leyla Aliyeva was given the title Goodwill Ambassador of the FAO. She was the founder and the head of the IDEA campaign. She expressed gratitude for the projects that were executed in Azerbaijan regarding forestry, agriculture and fish farming. Aliyeva declared she believes that ” We live in a world in which everything can be done”.


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