Ms. Sini Issac

Mumbai – 78


Dated 15/05/2021


Grace Engineering Co.

Through its Managing Director

Mr. Abi Thomas

201 A & B Ackruti Corporate Park

Andheri West

Mumbai – 05

SUB.: Legal Notice for Non-Payment Of Salary And Other Interest And Allowances


Pursuant to the instructions from and on behalf of my client Roshan Matthew, resident of  1505, Keshav Srishti Building, Dadar West Mumbai – 25 I do hereby serve you with the following Legal Notice:

  1. That my client Roshan Matthew was appointed by your offer letter dated 10th November 2019 on the post of Marketing Sales Executive and the salary of my client was fixed at Rs.45,000 per month.
  2. That the offer letter dated 10th November 2020 , stated the joining date as 01st December 2020 which my client duly followed.
  3. That my client did his duty diligently, regularly and with utmost punctuality and sincerity, and with full devotion in accordance with the well-settled provisions of the law. You issued the offer letter in the name of my client and got printed the visiting cards also in the name of my client along with the Identity Card.
  4. That on 03rd March 2021, when my client went to attend his duty; then your office abruptly refused to allow to my client to attend his duty and told that services of my client are no more required by your office and thus the services of my client have been terminated by you in a most illegal and unlawful manner without any reasonable rhyme and cause. At the time of termination of the services of my client, you did not pay the salary for the month of January and Feburary 2021 i.e 48 working days salary which comes to Rs. 74,464/- to my said client.
  5. That my client visited your office from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. from time to time and you refused to pay also the amount of Rs. 9500/- my client spent while doing fieldwork for your company. Lastly on 03 rd March, 2021 you clearly refused to pay the salary amount of Rs. 74,464/- to my client along with travelling charges and amount spend on fieldwork.
  6. That you did not provide me statutory benefits i.e. Providential Fund. etc. You also did not pay the of and other service benefits which totally comes to Rs. 23,525/-


I, therefore, call upon you through this Notice, to make the payment of the Rs. 1,07,489/- to my client along with interest up to date, under intimation to me, within the period of 15 days, failing which my client has given clear instructions to me to file criminal as well as the civil suit and Suit for Recovery in the competent court of law and in that event you will be fully responsible for all costs, risks, responsibilities, expenses and consequences thereof. Please note well.

A copy of this Notice is kept in my office for record and further necessary action and you are also advised to keep the copy safe as you would be asked to produce in the court.

Yours Faithfully

Sini Sunny



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