Legal Notice For The Construction By Neighbour Which Is Invading the Privacy by Sini @LexCliq

Dated – 18th May 2021

Sini Issac

Mumbai – 78




Mr. Sam John

S/o John Baby

604, Keshav Shristi Heights

DN Road,

Mira Road (East)



Dear Sir/Madam,

Pursuant to the instructions from and on behalf of my client Mrs. Shalini Nair, resident of 603, Keshav Shristi Heights, DN Road, Mira Road (East), Mumbai. I do hereby serve you with the following Legal Notice: –

  1. That you are constructing/ renovating at your land adjacent to my house, which is interfering with my client’s privacy.
  2. That you should stop the construction at the immediate effect.
  3. Kindly note that if you fail to comply with my request, I shall be constrained to initiate legal proceedings against you at your risk, as to costs and consequences.

A copy of this Notice is kept in my office for record and further necessary action and you are also advised to keep the copy safe as you would be asked to produce in the court.

Yours Faithfully

Sini Issac



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