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XYZ Law Firm

Adv. Sunil sharma

112, Central Bazaar, Main road,

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh – 456788

Contact no. 6489943785

Email :



Registered AD/UPC

Dated : 21-11-2020



Shri Machi lal

Plot no.6,

Road no. 1,

Shri Sainath nagar,

Lucknow – 226001



Sweety mishra


Radhika apartments,

Viman nagar,

Lucknow – 226001


Sub : Legal notice under section 138 read with section 142 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.For the dishonouring of the cheque



I act for and under instructions of my client shri Machi lal, who gave you a loan amount of 1 lakh on 10/04/2020. Which was asked to repay by my client on 06/11/2020. The check given by you as repayment was returned with a memo from the bank.

The cheque number “•006584”• 110240037”• 059295”• 29 dated on 11/11/2020 for an amount of 1 lakh rupees drawn on the lucknow branch, was issued by you in lieu of discharge of financial liabilities to us.

The said cheque was presented for payment but the same has been returned by your bank with the memo stating the reason of insufficient funds. The bank has informed us through their cheque return memo dated on 19/11/2020.

You are now requested to make the payment of the above said amount immediately in accordance with the provisions of section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act failing which we will initiate criminal proceedings against you as contemplated under the above section.

This for your information.


Adv. Sunil sharma









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