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The game has six different endings. After finishing the game there will be a survey, which will offer you two alternatives: 1) Play The Hotel again 2) Don’t Play The Hotel. This means that you can start over from the beginning (but this time you will have to answer the survey which you have answered before) and choose a different ending (called Soul game in this case).
…there is a fourth ending as well. (you must decide at least two endings).
*The game has been developed with good support from Crunchy
#Teaser trailer:

Goodbye fashion
Sleep tight
There will be some alone
Never be lonely
Never be lonely
Never be lonely
Gonna let you go
Gonna let you go
Never be alone
Never be alone
Never be alone
Here, never be lonely


This film is a forbidden story of love, of an interracial couple in Canada in the early sixties, and their passionate fight for their love. The first to appear on the front cover of Life, the couple becomes a cause celebre. Only a few years later, in the sixties, Canada, Australia and Great Britain launched an extraordinary purge aimed at those who were perceived to be against the ruling elites. In Canada, in the wake of the coronation of the queen, all off-beat artists, free spirits and the dissident right, are considered to be potential traitors and must be permanently exclused and deprived of their livelihood. The reason for the ban and the fate of the couple who caused such an uproar in the sixties, is totally unknown to most Canadians.
From the creator of Splinter (film), Generation (series) and Splitting (film). The first feature-length documentary of its kind. Total length: 70 min. Film is presented in a format of 2:38:1 and in the original soundtrack in 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 and 15.1 surround sound.

Canada, please help! We need your support!


Lamplighter Features Key:

  • Versus mode: 2 big teams will be on the field as soon as competitors are ready to play
  • Keep on the track and score in each round, having a great impact on the game
  • Play team with 4-6 players (modifying the game with friends is also possible using the Multiplayer feature)
  • Play with 6 players or 2 big teams (the game is played now with 2 4-5 players teams)

    Flamebound: Elimination Challenge is a multiplayer game over internet featuring 2 big teams. Elimination round is played as usual: a 1vs1 round is held first, followed by a last knock-out for survival. Moreover, this game features a gameplay mode called ‘Versus’, allowing 2 big teams to play and “walk in a lane”: if the first small team has a player who is not knocked out, they will be eliminated in this round, otherwise they will stay in the game.

    The players of the first team not eliminated will have two minutes to score as many points as possible in order to end the life of the second team. The scoring is based on the following features:

    • Round: each player will score 10 points for a second round
    • Goal: each point scored inside the goal corresponds to 2 points
    • Velocity: each point scored according to the speed of the player will be worth 2 points
    • Overrun: each point scored according to the players who were in the goal will be worth 2 points

    A small team can be composed of 1 player or several players. If it is composed of 1 player, the first player knocked out will have the eliminational rights.

    Flamebound is a free game developed by Jutile games for One-To-One training, for 1/4 screens, for one to one games over internet.

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    Lamplighter (April-2022)

    1952:This is a shoot em up game, In this game the player combats a large number of enemies by shooting at them,Break through the enemy escort fleet and destroy the enemy heavy bombers.
    1952 sets in the year 2060 and the Earth was on the brink of self-annihilation. Right in the midst of the space war between the Earth and the invading Venusian, a new weapon of mass destruction, the M.C.-01 gun, appears in Venus and begins to decimate the planet’s orbit and the atmosphere of the Earth. The situation is desperate: Invading warships and vengeful planetoids, including Venus, keep arriving at Earth orbit. For the time being, the only way to survive is to launch a defensive strike against the invasion, to protect the Earth from the M.C.01 – a hundred times more powerful than any gun of a similar kind in the history of Earth’s war.
    Game Mode:
    There are two type of game, Arcade game and Mission game.There are two types of game, Arcade game and Mission game.
    Arcade game:
    This is a traditional arcade game, These titles are full of aggressive SFX, polished gameplay and seamless graphics.
    Mission game:
    This is a full mission game.
    Mission is divided into Escort and Strike modes.
    Bulk of the story mode was developed by the US Soldier Studio. Those who began development in 1994, made a very hard for everyone to complete, new style mission.
    And this is a prototype of the story mode.
    This title will get a lot of game data, including a new story, a new difficulty, and some difficulty.
    Mission mode can be played on 2-7 players of Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II.There are many different sort of weapon, including tank like weapons, double guns, rocket launchers, flying drones and others…
    Story mode is following a boy named John Blake and after this mission, he will become one of the most famous MI

    Play to Survive, Die to Live!


    Play to Survive, Die to Live! is a 4 player co-op action strategy game set in the fun and frantic sci-fi world of Monsterland. This award-winning original title was released by Black Forest Games in 2014 to critical acclaim. A sequel is already in production and scheduled for release in 2016.

    Join three heroes on an action-packed journey through the diverse and exotic


    Lamplighter Crack [Latest] 2022

    What is Death Row?

    The game is designed for the online game death row. You can play with its rules and see what this innovative game is all about, and if you like it, try to prove your skills to the other players.Play death row online! The rules of death row are simple: In order to win, you have to offer your opponent two crimes. If he offers you the first one, you win – and if he offers you the second, you lose.Here you are: the rules of the game death row.
    Game “Death Row” Gameplay:

    Play Mafia Online

    If you have friends to play mafia online, please add us to your friends list, and then continue to read this game overview!In Mafia, the players are involved in a secret war to the death. Behind which one of your friends hides the criminal that threatens to destroy you and your family. When your criminal comes out from hiding, all his/her connections are exposed. Every player has his/her own gang.To survive the game, you have to choose and play a criminal whose connections and tactics are considered by the mafia.Most of the mafiosi have a series of unique skills (e.g. “Cheese” – 10% bonus against one criminal), and your criminal must be on the tip of your tongue to keep his criminal friends in the game and save yourself from various criminal attacks.Play mafia online! Please add us as a friend, and then continue to read this game overview!
    The best mafia game on the web.

    Play Hero of the Storm

    Is the game over? And who is the strongest person? Are you ready to fight, fight and finally, finally death in the game?Hero of the storm is a new epic strategy based on the death row.Enter into the battle of the players! The team of your opponents the order it will be fought, which of the weapons of your enemy you will be ready for, and even who in fact, will bear your death.The game is based on a battle from the battle games on the death. But the game has been through the game evolution and is now in a new format – Hero of the Storm.The final game Hero of the Storm – a new multiplayer game death row.
    Play Hero of the Storm!

    What is Poker?

    You can play poker with friends in POKER_ONLINE_2. The game is easy and fun. If you are a real


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