Kombucha Tea – The Immune Booster to Fight Swine Flu and Influenza

The Manchurian or even Kombucha “mushroom” is commonly used to raise the immune phone system. The name is kinda misleading since it is not really a mushroom in all. It’s a level like, pancake shaped mixture of health promoting lichen, richly beneficial bacteria and metabolic renewal workouts [click the following internet page] yeast that’s been used in Asia as a natural power booster for a long time.

Kombucha isn’t consumed, but is brewed into a strong antiviral and antibacterial tea after it’s been left fermenting for 7 days or perhaps much more in a mixture of spring or filtered water, organic sugar, along with black tea or organic green. Kombucha Tea is widely used to help stop immune related illness and also significantly helps to raise the body’s immune system to combat swine flu, other viruses and fight influenza with out any ill effects.metabolic renewal australia

Not all Kombucha is created equal. Search for Organic Raw and Organic Unpasteurized Kombucha Tea that is in the refrigeration section the retailer. I make tea at home both plain and flavoring for and that is extremely affordable. I also purchase the GTS Synergy brand Kombucha Tea which is high quality, Raw, and come in flavors also.


Well I drink Kombucha every day for about a year today and I tend to consume about a wine glass size 3 times one day just before or even at meals. When you’ve never had this tea, It’s ideal to start out with about 2oz day for one week then increase to 2oz 1 day three times one day for about another week or perhaps so. When that drink it almost as you like though its better to divided up you Kombucha consumption during the day.

It is not recommended giving children under thirteen years old Kombucha Tea.metabolic renewal australia Not enough study were done to determine whether or perhaps not this tea is safe for pregnant or nursing mothers.

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