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The use of print media and especially Internet websites has been a very useful way of getting the word out about your brand or your business, as well as for adding to awareness by way of advertising and sponsorship. While print media like newspapers and magazines still remains a vital part of marketing and a useful tool, the use of Internet, social media, and Internet-based media has changed the landscape significantly, for both the benefit and the cost of marketers. Your use of these mediums should not merely provide for your own awareness and credibility but also for others to learn of your business or products. That is why the use of print media, Internet websites, and social media is important.

Print media has been a useful means of marketing for decades as it was inexpensive to produce compared to other means such as TV, radio, and even the Internet. However, as the prices of printing and media outlets have increased, much of the print media has ended up in the trash. Therefore, the use of print media is very limited to postcards, holiday flyers, and perhaps other emergency needs that don’t warrant the expense. Online, social media, and the Internet also have played a very big role in awareness. People who are not very tech savvy can be reached easily with the use of Facebook, Twitter, and other Internet-based media. The use of Internet-based media has increased tremendously especially with the use of mobile technology such as smart phones and tablets. Not only have people become more tech savvy and access to these mediums has become very easy, but the cost is also much lower, which has made the use of these Internet-based media a very viable advertising and marketing option.

Online, social media, and Internet-based media have another great advantage which many businesses and marketers do not use fully. People have an incredible ability to post information and pictures online and the number of people sharing information has increased tremendously in the last few years, which is a great tool for marketing. Being online allows you to reach a great number of people much faster than more traditional advertising methods, such as newspaper ads, radio ads, TV commercials, and billboards. You can actually tell what people are thinking with the use of online surveys, which allows you to really get a feel for the type of product or service that you are offering and which may bring you business. The Internet is also a great way to advertise through sponsorships, which provides you with free advertising space,


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