Keith Urban Tour 2023 : Tickets and more

Country music superstar Keith Urban was born in New Zealand but raised in Queensland, Australia. He has won many Grammy Awards and has sold millions of albums worldwide. After releasing his first self-titled album in 1991, he shot to fame as a solo artist and eventually became one of country music’s most outstanding worldwide performers. He has since gone on to win some of country music’s finest honours, including four Grammy Awards, release eleven more studio albums (the most recent of which was 2020’s “The Speed Of Now Part 1”), and serve as a judge on The Voice Australia and American Idol. His sound floats somewhere in between country and pop/rock. The energetic, fun and generous Keith Urban takes this personality to the stage at every performance he performs, decked out in his trademark t-shirt and jeans, a guitar (or sometimes a banjo or bass) slung over his neck, and a perpetual grin. Being happily married to Nicole Kidman since 2006 and the proud father of two girls from their union, that grin is not surprising.

Backstage at Keith Urban Concerts

Artistically, Keith Urban has a lot of staying power. The latest concert tours that Keith has been on are as follows:
  • 2022 – The Speed of Now World Tour
  • 2018-2019 – Graffiti U World Tour
  • 2016-2017 – ripCORD World tour
  • 2014 – Raise ‘Em Up Tour
  • 2013 – Light the Fuse Tour
  • 2011 – Get Closer World Tour

Do we expect a 2023 tour from Keith Urban?

In March 2023, legendary artist Keith will begin a new Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater. The stint will consist of 16 shows.


Keith Urban’s setlist is expected to contain the following songs. However, this may change depending on the venue:
  • Never Comin Down
  • Days Go By
  • Coming Home
  • John Cougar
  • John Deere
  • John 3:16
  • Long Hot Summer
  • Parallel Line
  • Somewhere in My Car
  • You Gonna Fly
  • Somebody Like You
  • Stupid Boy
  • Blue Ain’t Your Color
  • Drop Top
  • Cop Car
  • The Fighter
  • Wasted Time

How long are Keith Urban’s shows?

Concerts typically take between two and three hours, while this time frame may vary widely based on factors such as the performer, the number of opening acts, the number of encore performances, etc. Concerts by Keith Urban usually run for around two hours and fifteen minutes.

Where can I find out how much tickets to see Keith Urban cost?

A ticket to see Keith in concert typically costs $126. Concert ticket costs may differ depending on some factors, including the show’s location, the day of the week, the size of the venue, and more. Prices may vary from city to city as well.

Here’s the deal on getting your hands on some Keith Urban tickets:

SeatGeek, Ticketmaster, Ticketnetwork, Livenation, Stubhub, Vividseats, and Viagogo are the best places to look for and purchase Keith Urban tickets.

Final thoughts

Country music superstar Keith Urban has broken several records and won numerous awards for his countless chart-topping singles and albums. Furthermore, he is a prolific composer, recording artist, and performer. When Keith Urban released his critically acclaimed album Be Here, it included some of the most well-known tracks from his extensive history. The track “Days Go By” from the album “Be Here” has become the most anticipated by fans during live performances. Not only has “Days Go By” been a fan favourite but so have many other tracks from “Be Here.” See a small sampling of Keith Urban’s most requested concert CDs and tracks here. Although it has been 26 years since Keith Urban released 1991, the album that launched his career, his fans regularly assemble to see him play classics from his entire discography.

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