Judgement and Order

The Indian criminal system has branches i.e. civil and criminal. Civil regulation in particular offers with contracts and torts. Criminal regulation in particular offers with crimes devoted towards the community. The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 is a guide for the Indian Legal system which offers with Criminal Law. This article offers with decisions and orders that are surpassed below the Code of Criminal Procedure.


A judgement is a selection given by someone concerning a specific issue. A judgement below the eyes of the regulation is a selection given with the aid of using a court of regulation on a case which comes as much as it. The Code of Criminal Procedure in India does now no longer outline a judgement. Though Chapter 27 of the code offers with the topics regarding a judgement and its delivery. A judgement may be taken into consideration to be the very last order handed with the aid of using a crook courtroom docket, which may also both be mentioned as a conviction of the accused if such character is observed to be responsible or as an acquittal of the accused if such character is observed to be innocent.

The Supreme Court of India, in the case of Surendra Singh v. State of U.P., 1953 described judgement as “the very last selection of the court intimated to the events and to the arena at huge through formal ‘pronouncement’ or ‘delivery’ in open court.”


Section 353

This section helps us understand the process of procurement and pronouncement of a judgement. It says that the pronouncement of judgement in every trial in a criminal court should be done in an open court as soon as a trial subject to that court is terminated. Such judgement should be pronounced by a presiding officer who is in charge of the criminal court of original jurisdiction. Such an officer passing the judgement should sign the transcript and every page, as well as the date of the judgement, pronounced should be attached to such a document.

Section 357

This section talks about the power of the court to demand compensation from the accused with regard to the losses incurred by the other party to the suit. Such compensation may be for the costs of the proceeding, compensation for causing harm, injury or death, etc. There is a particular period of time provided for an appeal against such demand of compensation by the court. Once such period expires, the accused shall be liable to pay such compensation.


An order is a command that is given via way of means of a judge, with relation to an intending at a court. Though the order isn’t always constantly the cease of the court intending. Only if such an order surpassed is the very last order of a case, it will be taken into consideration to be a judgement and will be able to finishing a court case. Otherwise, orders are surpassed in among court lawsuits to attend to the case and the matters related to it. There are sure orders that are given via way of means of the court beneath chapter 27 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. However, the time period order isn’t always described below CrPc and finds its that means below the Civil Procedure Code.


Section 413

This section helps us understand the process for execution of an order under the Indian legal system.

As a general rule, an order of a court is founded on objective considerations and as such the judicial order must contain a discussion of the question at issue and the reasons which prevailed with the court which led to the passing of the order.

An order may originate from a suit by the presentation of a plaintiff or may arise from a proceeding commenced by a petition or application.  Rights of the parties with regard to all or any of the matters in controversy may or may not be finalized in an order. Also, in the case of a suit or a proceeding, a number of orders may be passed. Every order is not appealable, only specific orders provided for in the Code are appealable. No Second Appeal lies in case of Appealable Orders.

Difference between judgement and order

A judgement and an order paintings in coherence along side different factors beneath the judicial technique so that it will examine the troubles with reference to the case depend earlier than the court, as in keeping with provision below the code of criminal procedure. A decide occupies the seat of the decision-maker on behalf of regulation and judiciary. He has the power to permit and furnish orders and decisions as selections to be applied on and with the aid of using the events upon the issue depend of the case. The composition, motive, grounds and prison effects of a judgement and order are very wonderful as in keeping with their nature and for this reason are provisioned one by one below the code. It is vital to recognize them so that it will recognize and utilise their motive below the judicial manner and practice. They ought to now no longer be harassed in phrases in their nature and paintings.


A judgement and an order under the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 may seem to be quite similar concepts but have significant differences, as have been portrayed in this article. The concepts of judgment and order may not have been defined under CrPC but both the provisions form a very vital aspect of the criminal law system in India. Judgement decides on the finality of a case while an order is more of an interim measure. Thus, both of these are essential instruments for all criminal courts across India.


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