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One of the new challenges in Graveyard Keeper is the ability to construct and maintain the graveyard itself. The player starts out with some buildings to construct and the Graveyard Keeper gets tired. The Graveyard Keeper can rest after a while, which will give him a kind of charisma. The player can grow both himself and his house by earning money. This money can either be earned by “resting” in the graveyard, or it is gained through a system where you have to maintain a certain amount of happiness in order to have people work in your graveyard. The player also needs to gather new inhabitants to his house, but the most important part is to maintain the graveyard. This can be done by planting new trees and keeping them in optimal condition in order to keep the graveyard alive.

You need to plant trees to keep the graveyard alive!

Features of the DLC:

32 Music Tracks

Composed by

1. Kalevi Kallio :

2. Proof Parker :

3. Reuben Rens

4. Ton Tiigi :

5. Kolo :

6. Dom Botic :

7. Andy Wells:

8. Jim Morgan

9. David Waber:

10. Shaun Steger:

11. Paul Young:

12. Bryon Martin:

13. Charlie Vaz :

14. Robert MacLennan:

15. Maxx Wieland :

16. Dave Spencer :

17. Martin Doherty:

18. Stu Megonigal :

19. M.Leisur :

20. Simon Janssen:

21. Jan Janssen :

22. Simon Kipf:

23. John Corbett:

24. Kevin Norman:

25. Ingrid Perera :

26. Romain Rettew:

27. Dietrich Mayer:

28. Stuart Armstrong:

29. Dominic Moore:

30. Nick Beals:

31. Olli Korhonen:

32. Dominique Plasse:

System Requirements

* Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

* Arcade

* 1.6 GHz Processor

* 512 MB RAM

* 30 GB HDD space

* Compatible with Windows XP and Vista

* Compatible with Windows 98 and ME



Features Key:

  • High definition imagery.
  • Search for hotels by name, area, number of rooms, stars, location, city or by telephone code.
  • Advanced filters and sorting.
  • Search for hotels by price, reviews, services and amenities.
  • Automatically generated maps with HOTEL on the map.
  • Search for specific hotels, by number of rooms, area, amenities, distance from the airport, star rating.
  • Search for hotels by food, entertainment, shopping, cycling, family, romantic.
  • Search for hotels by pools, gym, Wi-Fi, transportation.
  • Search for boutique hotels, 3 star hotels, 4 star hotels, 5 star hotels.
  • Full color maps with markers.
  • The Hotel Search app has an offline mode.
  • Markers, locations and maps are cached for later use.
  • Create custom location filters like: Hotels within walking distance of the political capital of a country or US state etc.
  • Favorite hotels, favorite locations, favorite locations search, best hotel.

What’s New:

  • The new update of the Hotel Search App enables users to find and book hotels within a certain distance of their current location.
  • Features like Stars, Food, Transport and more are now features you can filter your searches.
  • Search for hotels by amenities and services now gives greater context to your hotel search search.
  • On device maps are now updated instantly.
  • The new features take Hotel Search to a new level.
  • If you have any suggestions or feedback please let us know.


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IQ Scale Bundle contains games that help improve your IQ, the bundle includes two games, Fluid Intelligence and IQ Scale.
Game Fluid Intelligence – A game that measures your fluid intelligence, the essence of quick thinking, or IQ.
Develop your fluid intelligence with this game. The player has to make a series of judgments about the relationships between numbers, letters and pictures
Use the correlations to answer 4 multiple-choice questions and score the number of correct answers.
Your performance is displayed as percentage of the maximum possible score.
Test yourself daily to improve your fluid intelligence!
IQ Scale Bundle – Measures your logical, analytical and focused intelligence with 5 tests.
The player is called a “salesperson” and has to find “happy customers” to solve different problems and solve other people’s problems.
For example, he must help clients to select the right products, but also to find the right location for the shop.
Improve your analytical skills with the help of this game. All 5 games in the bundle!
The tests required in this bundle are also included in Fluid Intelligence and IQ Scale. They don’t require any prior experience.
For example, the game demands to solve a given problem. There are 10 problems on average, and the best scores are 10, 20 and 30.
If the player is successful, he will move on to the next test.
Game IQ Scale – It’s a test based on the American psychological-neuropsychological test. It contains questions about logic, memory, problem solving, numerical processing and combination.
Select the correct answer of a given problem (depending on the answer 2 points, 3 points or 5 points).
All questions have 4 possible answers. The best score is 100 points.
Test yourself daily to increase your logical, analytical and focused intelligence!
Want to receive a gift?
Go to the “Media & Entertainment” section and purchase Fluid Intelligence, IQ Scale or IQ Scale Bundle.
You will receive a gift after completing both. The gift is sent to you via email.
If the game is returned, the gift will be deactivated and can no longer receive new keys.
A group of friends get together to share the knowledge they have acquired and offer their opinion on new projects and questions. In the end they have to decide on a company name and a new logo to be used by the company.
Game Features:
– Try to earn a perfect score in the game.
– Best scores are rewarded



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Bone Voyage is an action-adventure platform game. However, the gameplay can be described as a mix between Journey and a 2D platformer. The game is set in a grim, medieval world where you play as an animal who is searching for its lost friends. So, the gameplay consists of running, jumping, and climbing to traverse the various environments in which the game takes place.
The game has three main environments in which you will need to traverse. The first one is a dark, frozen world where you are faced with an obstacle course which you must cross by solving riddles in order to progress. The second one is a harsh desert which requires you to make your way over six large mountains with the aid of your friends who provide you with useful tools. The final environment is a vibrant city which is very dangerous and unpredictable and is unlike anything that you have experienced before.
Like any good platformer, your goal is to reach the exit at the end of each level. Along the way you will have to negotiate with other living beings and solve puzzles by using items which you pick up as you progress through the game.
6.4 Gameplay Cohesive:
One of the things that I liked most about Bone Voyage is the fact that it creates a unique experience every time you start a game. The reason why I like this is because it makes the game feel fresh every time you play it and you never really feel like you have played a game before. When you are able to do this, it makes the game a true gem.
The thing about being able to create a unique experience each time you play the game is that it makes you feel as if you are playing the game for the first time even though the game has actually been available for a few years now. 6.0 Storytelling:
Unlike a lot of other games which try to make you feel like you are on an adventure, Bone Voyage presents you with a story that has been made with the intention of telling you a tale that is meant to be played in the way that you would read a book. The reason why I like this is because you don’t feel as if you are being taken on an adventure. In fact, you never really feel like you are doing anything.
I found this to be a really nice feeling because it made the game feel special. This can be one of the reasons why people who are not experienced with the platforming genre can find it appealing.3.9 Atmosphere Desolate:
It was a


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