The Covid 19 Pandemic financially affects the world wide populace with numerous nations near the precarious edges of breakdown and individual left scrambling for fundamental supplies.In india, fears about the approaching emergency and its cataclysmic impact, given India’s thick populance and lacking public medical care offices,driven the PM to requires a total lockdown from 25 March 2020 with under four hours notification.India lockdown is one of the world’s biggest and strictest and its effect has been crushing especially on more weak Gathering like shelters searchers and displaced people who have lost their livelihood and attempt to support themselves.

As a result it largely manages and accord rights to various refuges communities by ad hoc executives order/policies.In fact india has two separate refuges security frame work : One for refuses from neighbouring countries (except Myanmar) who are given government protection,and another for Refuses from Myanmar and non neighbouring countries,who are handled by UNHCR . As a result, different classes of refugees have different documentation and receive different treatment.Based  on your conversation with various community leaders and other important stakeholders.

Although the government continues to issue advisories,nothing is being done to resolve the concerns of indian labourers many of these issues arises from a lack of information about migrants legal status and as a  result a lack of government documentation. This is why so many labourers work in the UN organized sector but due to lockdown those working in this sector are unable to earn a living.

A significant concern is an absence of admittance to public medical services officers, particularly by pregnant ladies,the old and the individual who requires close checking following progressed operation.While exiles are permitted to get the public medical service framework,emergency clinics are at present over burdened and incapable to give clinical consideration in most non covid related cases.

Another problem was the absence of a reasonable monetary guide accessible to exile network.With no allegation gave under focal or state executed help bundles or substitute job help measures evacuees are battling to make a decent living.


The india government has taken a range of steps to minimize the pandemic effects including declaring makes and sanitisers as vital commodities,speeding up contact tracing and testing activities,authorize private laboratories to perform testing,and announcing a relief package to meet the urgent need of the Poor and other in need of immediate assistance.In spite of the fact the lockdown has influence practically all residents to differing degrees,transient specialits have arisen as among the most affected


The continue lockdown has aggravated concern of the entire labour community about their ongoing sustenance given their restricted access to services,despite the release of update guidelines in early may that eased some of the previous version of lockdown.


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