Is Coconut Oil The Ultimate Fat Burner For Shedding off extra pounds?

exipure australiaWhen I was operating in the health industry, the amount of people that would ask me about fat blocking and fat burning products was incredible (think high caffeine and guarana). They typically speed up the metabolism of yours which will come with longer term unintended effects. The reason behind this’s that they elevate your heart rate that is going to end up elevating cortisol levels. If perhaps you understand anything about cortisol well then you are going to understand that this prompts the body to hold on to unwanted fat (hint: I think this’s exactly why stressed individuals struggle to loose weight).


Without trying to be technical, coconut oil is a saturated fatty acid which is predominately a MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides). This is different to nearly all of the vegetable oils on the market these days.

The quick as well as medium chain fatty acids which may be located in coconut oil (and exipure better business bureau (please click the next document) grass-fed butter that I use too), are delivered directly to our liver and utilized directly for electricity. And so this means:

1. It does not get stored in fat cells as easily as long-chain fatty acids, and also create ketones which provides us a steady supply of energy

2. Enhances thermogenesis which increases fat burning

3. Helps eliminate food cravings with increased feelings of satiety

Based on Christine Cronau’s book the Fat Revolution, there are studies of participants which were given the same diet which was not created for fat loss. But several of them had been given medium chain fatty acids and dropped a few pounds, whilst the weight in the remainder of the group stayed exactly the same.

Additionally, it compared diet programs with 3 types of fat intake. Low fat, coconut oil as well as monounsaturated fat. There seemed to be a sixty % decrease in fat storage for the groups consuming coconut oil.


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