is better for an informal occasion. But that goes without saying!

Moccasins are perhaps the least well-known type of shoe on this list by name. But when you see them, you probably know what we mean right away. Moccasins are loafers. The shoes have a stylish appearance and are often made of suede. This gives them a certain class that distinguishes them from other shoes.


Moccasins, therefore, have a stylish and neat character, but this does not mean that you can only wear them on formal occasions. It was not!  Just like slip-on shoes, moccasins are suitable for both formal and informal occasions. The occasion to which you wear your moccasins mainly depends on the rest of your outfit. A smart outfit in combination with moccasins is suitable for a formal occasion, while a  casual outfit is better for an informal occasion. But that goes without saying!


Do you have them in the closet? Sandals? Opinions on this type of shoe are generally very divided. One definitely doesn’t want to wear the shoes, while another swears by them. Because sandals are open shoes, you see them a lot in the summer. Of course without socks!


So you wear sandals in the summer and without socks. This makes these excellent shoes that you wear on informal occasions. Do you visit friends, do you like to stroll through the city or along the beach with your partner or are you planning to play in the garden with your (grand)children? Then sandals are a great choice! Do you have a slightly more formal appointment, where it is important how you dress? Then you better leave your sandals in the closet for another day.


Ladies can indulge themselves when it comes to sandals. There is so much choice that you almost start to doubt your taste. You’ll love them all! There are sandals that are suitable as everyday footwear, in which you can weed weeds just as easily as you go to lunch with friends. And there are sandals that are theater or dinner-proof because they look fantastic under a dress. There are many brands around the world to wear for men and women with beautiful styles and colors. It depends upon us we chose to wear for better and best. That is a big brand around the world, That is called Dolce Vita shoes.


We mentioned them just now: the friendly sandal (without a high heel) is for casual occasions. You may like to wear the sexy sandal if you have planned a night out. A sandal with a (high) heel and thin ankle straps can also look great under your work outfit.


Slippers are real summer shoes and often only consist of a sole with one or two ‘straps’ that ensure that the slipper stays on your foot while walking. The slipper has different shapes, such as the thong slipper and the bath slipper. And the latter isn’t just for the bathroom, though.


Like sandals, flip-flops are best worn only on informal occasions. On vacation, on the beach, in the park, and in your own home or garden, slippers are ideal. For the office, church, gala, or wedding, slippers are a  no-go … Unless you are going to a wedding on a beach, then an exception can be made.


On hot days you prefer to wear clothes and shoes that feel light and airy. A slipper is therefore a frequently worn shoe in the summer. Slippers are available in all kinds of colors and designs. The fact is that you often wear them in domestic circles or on vacation.


Going to that important meeting in your slippers is not something many people do. Flip-flops are nice footwear when you spend private time. So stick to house, garden, and kitchen activities, vacations, lounging on the beach or an afternoon working in the garden and put them back in your shoe closet during a working day.


Of course, a man can not do without these types of shoes: sneakers. Everyone has a few in their closet. The casual character and the sporty look are characteristic of sneakers. Sneakers are shoes with a flat sole and without a shaft. Of course, there is an exception here and there and you see ankle-high sneakers every now and then.


The sporty appearance of sneakers already predicts a bit for which type of occasions these shoes are especially suitable, namely informal and casual situations. In your spare time, you are always in the right place with a nice sneaker. From a business point of view, a sneaker is not always appropriate, although the image is changing considerably. Where you probably wouldn’t have thought about combining a sneaker with a suit ten years ago, you now see more and more millennials and young adults making this daring choice. And to be honest, we think it’s very hip!


Sneakers have become indispensable shoes. You have them in all shapes, sizes, colors, and prints, made from the most diverse materials. They look hip in underpants, dresses, or skirts… a sneaker is (almost) always possible!


Sneakers have since evolved into shoes that can be worn both casually and for business. As for the casual part, we can be brief: in your spare time, you can almost always wear a sneaker. To wear your sneakers for business, consider per (office) day whether this type of shoe is suitable to wear under your outfit or not. An ‘ordinary’ office day in which you only see colleagues is ideal for wearing sneakers. On a day when you have a  meeting with that one important customer, the question is whether you choose a sneaker or not. More and more newcomers to the labor market dare to wear sneakers. It’s up to you if you feel good about it.


Finally, we still have the lace-up category left. Just like sneakers, these are often low shoes. Unlike sneakers, lace-up shoes have a neater appearance, possibly with beautiful brogues, and the sole has a small heel. Some well-known lace-up shoes are oxfords, whole cut shoes, and derbies.


To the office, a chic dinner, or a gala? Lace-up shoes are always suitable due to their wide variety! It is of course important to distinguish the type of lace-up shoe in the right way. You can wear black patent leather lace-up shoes to a gala or other black-tie event, while you can wear bright yellow lace-up shoes again to a wedding. And a black or cognac-colored lace-up shoes are perfect for the office.


What the lace-up shoe is to the men, the pump is to the women. Business meetings, important dinners, weddings, galas, and other festive occasions require a beautiful pump.


Most ladies don’t wear pumps when they go on a  city trip or go shopping for an afternoon. But some occasions call for a nice pump of good quality. A pump makes you look taller, creates an upright posture, and gives you a certain power. Think especially about your pumps if you want to close a business deal, have a wedding planner or have a nice date with your partner or girlfriend in prospect.


By listing which shoes are suitable for which occasions, we have tried in this article to answer the question:  ‘Which shoes suit me and when do I wear which pair?’ For example, if your week mainly consists of business and formal occasions, then lace-up shoes, buckle shoes, slip-on shoes, boots, and possibly boots or ankle boots will suit you very well. Do you not have a dress code at work and do you prefer to walk in comfortable walkers in your spare time? Then sneakers,  loafers fit, or sandals are just right for you. So you can see that there are always shoes that suit you and that you don’t have to stress at all when you are standing in front of your shoe closet again to find the perfect pair for your outfit!

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