The human brain can create through the intellectual human mind and that is what IP is Intellectual work. It involves literary work, musical work, inventions, etc and it’s an immovable property. No one makes use of an IP property without the consent of the owner.

Basically, it’s a non-physical property and derives from skills, talent, ideas, inventions, etc. The main motive of IPR is to come forward and keep motivates the author, painters, artists to showcase their talent without getting copied by anyone else.


In short, copyright is something when you copy some work or something which someone has already published or is being known by the public. But one is allowed to copy their work if the owner gives the consent to copy otherwise not.

According to Section 14 of the Copyright Act, 1957 copyright means the exclusive right to do or authorize others to do certain acts about:

  1. Literary, Dramatic, or Musical Works: In this kind of work it helps to reproduce the work, issues copies of the work to the public, to do any translation or to do cinematograph or do an adaption of work.
  2. Computer Programme: Here is to sell or to give any kind of commercial rental or offer for sale commercial rental any copy of the computer program.
  3. Artistic Work: Basically it’s a re-creation to something like to reproduce the work, or to communicate the work in public, to include the work in a cinematograph film, or to make any adaptions.
  4. Cinematograph film: Here they need to make any copy of the film, which includes the photographs of any image forming part and you can sell or give on hire any copy of the film. To communicate the film to the public, and to make any record embodying any recording in any part of the soundtrack associated with the film by utilizing such soundtrack.
  5. Sound Recording: It helps to embodied the sound recordings, or to sell or give on hire any copy of the sound recording and to communicate the recording embodied to record to the public.

According to the act, there are two ways of publishing a work:

  1. By issue of copies of the work, or
  2. By communicating the work to the public.

It has been right to translate the work is when the author is copying the matter in any other language. That is he is reproducing the work.

Adaption of work is also needed in this like refers to the modification of a work from one type of work to another type of work. And likewise in reproduction, In adaption also has a different meaning with different works. In Literary work, it means the conversion of work into a dramatic work by pictures or actions or anything. In Dramatic work, it means the conversion into non-dramatic work.


Copyright is a right given to the author, composer, etc for a certain period of time to safeguard his/her rights from infringement. The main objective is to protect the author from copyright work from unlawful reproduction.

Moreover, it talks about the infringement and licensing, when the author gives consent to someone else to reuse his work.

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