So, every person have right to life and liberty and at every place their life safety should be ensure. So as many crimes take place at police station too but there is no point or evidence to prove it due to lack of maintenance and security system an urge was made in different case to install CCTV footage in the police station so that every person going into police station safety could be ensured. Many times force is being used in police station which leads to serious injuries or custodial deaths.
Many people failed to notice that of the total 1,697 custodial deaths admitted by the MHA between 1 April 2019, and 31 March 2020, 1,584 had taken place in judicial custody and 113 in police custody.
In which after seeing the human right violation and custodial deaths it talked that there should be CCTV camera installation in every police station. But after this case Judgment also there were no action taken. And court stated in next case of Pramvir Singh that –
It has been more than 2 years and there have been no steps taken to implement the directives. The court further stated that the right to report violation of human right is a fundamental right under Article 21 of the Constitution and hence the provision of recordings and CCTV has to be available on an urgent basis.
And in next case


This case is related to CCTV installation in police station. As in 2020 in Tamil Nadu Custodial Violence took place which was covered by our National Media too. So this case cover this area.
This has been hailed as a much-awaited reform
So in this case court held that there should be CCTV camera system in every police station in which minimum one recording should be saved.
Where the places to install CCTV cameras was also mentioned i.e. in lobby, entry point, exist point, etc.
With this all the interrogation agencies should also install CCTV cameras i.e. NIA, ED, CBI, DRI, SFIO, ETC.
And to see whether CCTV installation is done by all the state and UT’s or not and are they following it or not – the Ministry Of home Affair established the central oversight committee is established too.

So. The land mark decision made in the case of – D.K BASU V. STATE OF WEST BENGAL – (2015)

In this case a specific set of instructions and guidelines were given for all the police station and interrogative agencies that they have to follow.
Where it was mentioned – while arresting, detaining, and interrogation time what are the procedure to be followed.

So, we can conclude that our laws have made changes in many areas and have made much more safe places for people to reside. Every police station should have cameras and it is the duty of the police station in charge and SHO to maintain it properly. And it was the Proudest moment for all the staunch believer in constitution of India.

Monisha Acharya

An aspiring lawyer in process.

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