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InfoRapid KnowledgeMap is a powerful tool that allows quickly map organizational structures, workflows and decision trees.
The Drawing component of the program allows you to create diagrams by adding items, inserting image and changing the format.
The program also includes the KnowledgeMap Server that allows you to import HTML, RTF Word or PDF documents in order to generate the knowledge map. It analyzes their content and creates a summary based on the document structure.
You can export your diagram to a PDF or HTML document in order to use it on your website or reports.







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* Knowledge Map
* RTF, PDF, HTML or HTML Import Documents
* Read content and analysis of the body of the document
* Separate words and phrases from text
* Items automatically grouped according to the analyzed content
* 3-D effect and shape support
* Items can be automatically linked to each other
* Items can be organized as a tree or table
* Created and imported on the fly
* Built-in knowledge map server
* PPT Chart and Flow chart component
The MULTI-CHOICE component has the ability to prompt the user for multiple choices. The choices are highlighted and the user can select the correct choice using the mouse or the keyboard.
When the user selects the choice, an alert component appears and informs the user of the choice. The choice can be stored to a numeric-only choice-store property or a string-valued property.
The CHOOSER component is a stand-alone interface which allows the user to prompt for a choice. The user is required to select an initial value for the component. The initial value is stored to an integer or floating-point property which can be changed by the user.
CHOOSER component Features:
* Prompt the user for choices
* User interface for choice input
* Display the number of choices and an indicator as to the current value
* User can move to the next or previous choice, clear the text in a choice and change its value
* Each choice is a choice-store property
* Built-in type converter
The JSO component allows you to define a JavaScript object, which can be accessed from the component’s programming interface.
JSO component Features:
* Create JavaScript object, which can be access from the component’s programming interface
* By default an object is created with properties that mirror the fields that are available in the component. The user can either manually create properties or import properties from another JSO component.
* Properties can be imported from a JSO component by using the “Add from another component” button in the Properties dialog
* Properties can be imported from an XML, EXCEL, plain text or a Json document
* Properties can be exported to a Json document.
* Properties can be exported to a plain-text document.
* Properties can be exported to a CSV document.
* Properties can be exported to a JsonLang document.
* Save-to property allows the component to automatically save the properties to a file.
The P

InfoRapid KnowledgeMap Crack+ Serial Number Full Torrent Download

Use a Tree diagram to display how an organizational structure works.
Add elements to diagrams, drag and drop them to change their position.
Drop a picture to add an image to an element.
Drag and drop elements and images to organize them.
Customize the appearance of elements and images with a variety of options.
Export as PDF, PNG, and SVG formats.
Create a WYSIWYG editor to edit HTML or RTF documents.

Convert Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fireworks files into e-learning. With AspDotNetNuke Stokes e-learning, you will be able to design e-learning courses for DNN and ASP.NET projects and recreate them using HTML5, CSS, or other HTML or JavaScript technologies. Create native iOS apps or mobile web applications for iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. Leverage.NET Framework or Mono technologies to achieve complex development goals. Scaling to one person or thousands of people, the AspDotNetNuke e-learning tool can support your individual projects or your entire business strategy.

** Update **
New feature added to version 1.2.0:
– New Images (compatibility with new info available here:
– Export Images (examples see here:
– Drag-and-drop-able group (configurable text, or text to turn off/on)
– Background
– Background dimensions (with different options)
– Option to auto-rotate at the end
– Popup box
– Possibility to show or hide the language-list. The language list is also configurable.
– Possibility to move the zoom-in button (filter for different zoom in level)
– Possibility to move the zoom-out button (filter for different zoom out level)
– Possibility to move the zoom-in button (filter for different zoom in level)
– Possibility to move the zoom-out button (filter for different zoom out level)

The DNN Toolkit for Visual Studio is a library, that provides you with a large set of DNN components such as Buttons, Accordion, CheckBox, ComboBox, DropDownList, DateTime, FileUpload, HyperLink, ImageButton, Label, ListBox, ListView, MultiListBox, Tab, RadioButton, Rich

What’s New In?

* Support for document of any format (*.htm, *.txt, *.html, *.pdf)
* Drag and drop component
* Help file (English)
* Support for images: including text / web site logo
* Support for fonts of any type, with automatic setting of text size and color
* Works in 16:9, 16:10 or 16:16 size
* Save components and images in the same folder as the file
* Support for insert multiple images
* Unlimited number of tags and object properties
* KnowledgeMap and KM Server for export to PDF and HTML
* Reset after deletion of objects or tags
* Support multiple selection: “toggle” or “checkbox” type
* Filter style: Boolean, fixed number, term, asterisk
* Filter by text content
* Tag sorting
* Editing of objects or tags
* Visual-graphical view of objects properties
* History of the component editing, with the undo of modifications, with options to remove the object, to edit it, to copy it, to move it, to remove all objects, and to save the element properties
* Zoom on a double click
* Saving of templates with automatic data import
* Automatic loading of the template file
* Data import option:
* Copy objects:
– different type of data
– multiple selection
– in place of the object
– Save the import definition
– Load the import definition
* Spreadsheet:
– the ability to add data
– automatic definition of the columns and row
– save the data in a CSV file
– Data import:
– import CSV
– import Excel
– import of type: Excel cell
– download of the data from the Excel sheet
* WYSIWYG editor (Multiline text with and without image)
* Remove image:
– remove the image from text
– remove the image, and text “by” the image
– remove the image
– add object in the place of the image
– remove object
* Print

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System Requirements:

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