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Fantasy Grounds – Witchcraft is a basic roleplaying game designed for use with fantasy Grounds. This product is intended to provide a basic set of rules for fantasy roleplaying. As such it is not a complete roleplaying ruleset; your game master should provide supplementary rules as required for their own games.
Additional Description
Rules for Witches
The Witchcraft Player’s Guide contains rules for all aspects of witchdom: creating magic potions, trafficking with devils and spirits, recruiting apprentices, spells casting and magical curses, preparing spells, and more. In addition to that, this book contains rules for influencing mundane social situations – cursing an enemy, kidnapping a child or burning down a barn, for example. Finally, each spell within the book has a description of which magic school it belongs to, and which type of magic it requires to cast.
Brewing Potions
The Companion contains rules for brewing potions. Each potion takes one week to brew, and is usually purchased from a witch or a village blacksmith. The recipes are designed to allow the players of amateur (but knowledgeable) cooks, or the players of witches and village leaders, to create potions cheaply and quickly.
The Talisman Player’s Guide contains rules for creating talismans, the one-shot magic items that appear in every fantasy realm. A talisman can be bought from a witch or a village blacksmith, but is created using an alchemical formula. There are rules for creating talismans of basic power, as well as rules for creating talismans designed to further enhance the effect of a magic spell. There are also rules for creating talismans designed for specific types of magic: for example, you can create a talisman which confers combat advantage, or which blocks a magical attack.
Instruction Manual and Game Master’s Rules
The Instruction Manual contains many valuable player tools, including a complete description of the roles and responsibilities of the four major players in the game (witches, warlocks, wizards and mages), and other information useful to players. There are also several sample game maps, and instructions for using them. Finally, there are pages of notes and reminders which should come in handy to the professional and the amateur GM alike.
Seskimo’s illustrations have been carefully chosen and arranged to provide visual instructions to players and GMs. These illustrations are of witches’ houses, talismans and a witch’s coven and are appropriate to many different fantasy settings. All of these images are colour compatible with


Download ZIP ::: DOWNLOAD

Download ZIP ::: DOWNLOAD

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Run For Cover is a turn-based strategy game where you control a team of soldiers traveling through hostile territory.
The world is procedurally generated as your team moves forward and presents unique challenges every time you start a new run. It is filled with quests, enemies and distinctive areas. Your soldiers gain experience with every step they take and unlock powerful abilities. Your soldiers can find new weapons and armor to increase their chances for survival. You can also create custom strategies for your run.






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A wave of civil unrest ravaged the country after a rigged election put President Pablo Escobeer back into power. The government labeled the political opposition as ‘the enemy of the people’ and declared a national emergency to weaken any resistance. The ruthless president killed thousands by abusing his executive powers to use chemical weapons against peaceful protesters and rebels alike.
Your team was sent into the country to help its people to overthrow the corrupt regime. They discovered the location of a factory compound that was rumored to manufacture a deadly gas. After infiltrating the compound, it became very clear that something was off. Help your team of hired guns to stop the chemical attacks and guide them back to safety.
a single procedurally generated world that expands as you move forward
a loot system with randomly generated weapons and armor
your soldiers gain experience and unlock powerful abilities
randomized quests and events
unit customization

show ajax call when is finished

I have a question, I have an image (retrive) using AJAX and this image is displayed in my chat, when a person say something it’s in the textarea and someone can say something in the textarea, but when it’s in the textarea it’s not display nothing in the chat, it’s only in the textarea..
how can i show the image in the chat, it’s in an PHP file, and the PHP file is in a iframe.


Maybe you can bind the div that contains the image to the live-chat document and then use a little bit of javascript to update the div (and the image) once the Ajax request finishes.

Tag: animals

Fall is here! It’s a great season for outdoor things, and if you live in an area with mild


Inexplicable Geeks: Mandated Company Wide Reboot Free [2022-Latest]

1. Free Movement:
Game runs using Unreal Engine 3 and Player Movement in the free movement mode is triggered using a physics simulation. Enemy characters and objects are modeled using Unreal Engine 3.
2. Dynamic Camera:
The game uses a dynamic camera as the viewpoint that follows the players movements.
3. Physics Simulation:
All the objects and characters are simulated using the Unreal Engine physics simulation. Also characters can be deformed using a character deform button.
4. Light Simulation:
All the light effects in the game are simulated using lighting calculations in the Unreal Engine.
5. Video Game Design:
All the game elements are modeled using 3D modeling software.
6. Level Design:
All the levels in the game are designed manually using 3D modelling software.
Main Features of Desert Parkour:
• Levels are designed manually using 3D modelling software.
• Smooth Moving Camera:
The game uses a dynamic camera as the viewpoint, that follows the movement of players without showing the player’s view, so player can enjoy the game while keeping the elements in a safe distance.
• Dynamic Light System:
The game uses a dynamic lighting simulation in Unreal Engine 3, so no pre-made lights are used. Instead, it simulates sunlight, shadows, ambient, day/night cycles and weather.
• Physics Simulation:
All the objects and characters are simulated using the Unreal Engine physics simulation.
• Character Deformation:
Character deformation is a new and unique feature of Desert Parkour. It allows the player to configure a character according to his skills.
Let v(z) = -2*z**3 + z**2 – 2*z + 1. Let x be v(1). Let n(t) = -t**3 – 4*t**2 – 2*t – 1. Let l be n(x). Solve -5*p – l = -w, -2*p – w = -0*w – 7 for p.
Let c be -1*2/(-4)*8. Let a(n) = -n**2 – 3*n + 2. Let m be a(-3). Suppose 3*v – 27 = -2*p – 4, -p = -m*v + 10. Solve -p*o + 0*o = -r – c, 5*o = r + 15 for r.
Let q be 19/


What’s new:

    Galaxy Squad is a 2007 experimental miniseries by the video artist and director Joana Guilherme. It combines narrative and transmedia features and allows both the audience and itself to become a part of the storyline. The series premiered with a live reading at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York and was made available on DVD, VHS and as a mobile phone service. Galaxy Squad can also be watched online.

    A small saucer space craft lands at the twilight zone, a bar in Prague where an isolated bartender named Halyna discovers the dead body of her ex-boyfriend and the eggs that the craft holds. Halyna steals the eggs and hides them in her pocket.

    In New York City, The Vega Cola company has hidden the structure of its new soda can in the spiral can design, and produced a machine that can remove and place the can onto itself. The machine has been partly programmed by the inventor, Jason, who is working to invent something to defeat the aliens that disrupt his sleep, and release him from blackmail by combining his feelings for the machine with the machine’s simulations of Jason’s feelings. A disgruntled web designer named John shares Jason’s mission and also takes all of Jason’s jobs as the inventor. The duo worry about being found out by their bosses and the numerous police.

    Jason takes Halyna to the Angel House public housing project, where they meet her nemesis, the criminal Colombeata. Knowing that the spacemen are after Colombeata’s home, the Anasazi mutates the fortress walls to become electric. The inmates who do not wish to be caught by the saucer crafts attack the two and steal the saucer. The abductors appear to damage the minds of Colombeata’s assailants.

    The Vega Company reduces its reliance on inhuman labor to its newly developed android workers, which causes the android Celeste to sabotage herself in the Vega factory. When she tells John, he and Jason agree to flee the company to find the Entity, which normally puts a pause on the machine, allowing Jason to get some sleep. To facilitate their escape, John and Jason help an old lady pickpocket. They develop a friendship with a man named Corey who is the Grand Theft Auto 2 mechanic in his job. Corey has dreams that aliens have taken away his body.

    Halyna has stolen a spacerock from the spacemen. She leads them to her friend from the orphanage and the two commit suicide


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    THE ROAD TO BALLHALA is all about a group of trolls who are slowly getting caught up on the overwhelming snowball of trouble. They see the way of the world and find it barbaric. However, their final attempt at finding their way back to the main stream will be fraught with many strange obstacles and terrors. Each troll is faced with a decision in order to survive the deadly ride through the land of trolls.

    Road To Ballhalla is a fun time killer and will have you laughing as you go through some really fun and difficult moments.

    The game will have a rich fantasy feel to it since the whole game is based in the fantasy world that we currently live in. The entire game will be full of weird and wonderful new things. The incredible story will feature many different characters such as the deceased grey troll, The Almighty Troll, The Lord of War. The game will have a hilarious storyline as it goes through several different stories over a multitude of maps.

    The game will feature many items and objects and will have numerous hidden secrets. The game will have a night and day cycle as well as several weather effects. Road To Ballhalla will also feature a fun system of enhancing both your items and troll with potions.

    The game will have a level building system. Once you reach a certain point in the game you will have to build as many levels as you can within that point, with specific goals in mind. This will also open up additional mini games as well as other things such as a troll taking the place of Mr. Sandman. The great goal of this game is for it to look like the game that we currently live in, as we currently look forward to receiving a new game every year.

    Travel through 50 beautifully crafted maps in a unique, infinite runner game

    Collect and spend your gems to buy upgrades, items and even a new skin for your very own trolls

    Defend yourself against attacking enemies on over 50 levels across 5 exciting environments

    Track your survival statistics such as Heart Rate, Brain Herd, Adrenaline Rush and more as you progress through the game

    Contact links


    How To Crack:

  • Follow @celab’s instructions in the Creation Mode

How To Crack?

  • Use the crack+patch, it will work in the same way
  • Use DOGE-CRACK x64 and x86 crack for crack ME

Hacks Tiamat X

  • Bonk missile. This is a rare hack which can kill you in one shot.
  • Boogie-Bass parts
  • Death of All (the one without the boogie-bass parts)
  • Lights On (This cheat can be overclocked by holding the cheat 1 sec)


How To Install??

  • Run the install.bat, then wait, and now run “Crack.exe” on the game directory


Cheats Tiamat X?

  • Reset Waves eg 1st-2nd – Dashboard Level: 1 2
  • Reset Enemies eg 1st-2nd – Dashboard Level: 1 2
  • Reset Event eg 1st-2nd – Dashboard Level: 1 2
  • Reset Bombs eg 1st-2nd – Dashboard Level: 1 2
  • Reset Action eg 1st-2nd – Dashboard Level: 1 2

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marvratnaya on “All New Game Hacks For Tiamat X”

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i3, 2.5 GHz or higher AMD Ryzen, 2.8 GHz or higher. (not including integrated graphics)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard disk space: 50 GB available space for installation, and at least 100 GB free space for the game data and save data
Display: 1024×768 resolution, 32 bit color, 16:9 format
OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)

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