Indo-China Dispute And A permanent Solution, By- Arvind Panda At LEXCLIQ

India and China are two great powers in Asia. And it is well-known fact that two great powers cannot go hand in hand with one another. We can also see the example of the United States of America and The USSR, it is evident from the past that Conflict can arise between two superpowers. 

Talking about India and China, both the countries shared a good relation of trade and commerce facilitated through Silk routes in the past. 

The differences arise between both the countries after the Britishers invaded India and many Indian Soldiers participated in the British Army for the 1st and 2nd opium war against Imperial Qing China. But the actual differences arise after India got independence. 

Both the countries followed different ideologies. India followed the Gandhian philosophy of peace whereas, China was completely revolved after the People Liberation Army took charge of the Country.

The People Liberation Army of China Followed the Marxist Ideology. And till date, the relation between both the countries are not at its best.

In the past, both the country’s had indulged in various conflicts. Besides ‘The Sino-Indian War of 1962’ or ‘Ladakh Standoff of 2020’ there was various conflict that took place between both countries. There are several reasons for the disputes between the countries from Border tension in Ladakh and Arunachal  Pradesh to Water disputes of the Galwan river.

Moreover, the relation with Tibet and the exile of the Dalai Lama was one of the major reason for the increase in tensions between both countries. India gave shelter to the 14th Dalai Lama who was forced to flee from Tibet after China captured Tibet in 1950. China considers Dalai Lama and his followers as the Chinese enemy and thus they criticised the move of India to shelter them. 

When it comes to India it completely opposes China move of several under-construction projects in Pakistan which are financed by China and are termed as China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). It is a part of the revival of the silk route by China. India is not in the favour of these projects because it passes through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) to which India claims as its own. Apart from these issues, Railways and roads are rapidly constructed by China along the border. China is also constantly infringing on the internal affairs of India and the South China Sea dispute.

By this, it is very much clear that both of these countries do not share a good relationship and with all these differences there always a threat of war between these countries. But the actual question that arises here is whether War is the actual solution to these disputes? And if in case war occurred between both the countries who may be affected the most? 

The answer to these questions lies in the hands of the government of both countries. It is evident from the past that war is not the solution at any cost, and it is the common people, the family of the soldier who lost their lives in the war and the economy of the country that suffers the most. And it must be the duty of the government to understand the consequences of the war. Nowadays, we have entered in a phase where a country is considered superior when it is economically strong rather than it’s defensive capabilities. The war must not be with the arms and ammunition but with economic development. 

But if the governments of both the countries want to find solution through wars than the economic stability and amicable relations of the two Asian powerhouses look bleak. Diplomatic talks and compensatory mechanisms by the cooperation of both nations are required for peaceful coexistence with our neighbour.

By- Arvind Panda

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