India about Anti terror laws

There is no universal accepted laws of terrorism ,so country like India demanding the proper definition of terrorism in United Nation so that is the event occurs related to terrorism it can easily be guided and be considered which is affecting internal affair like Naxalite etc .
What really terrorism means ,it comes from the French word Terrorism which is based on the Latin verb “terrere”( to cause to tremble) .It usually refers to killing of innocent people by a private group in such a way as to create media spectacle. It most heinous crime in the country . Terrorism in India started before India got Independence then the anti terror law was not enacted , and social security was in a threat ,after evolution of time and even seeing the crime rate and threat to the country the legislation is enacting .
In India to deal with issues like this there are many terror laws which is given by legislation to protect national interest and national security as Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) which were enacted for to address what the state describes as extraordinary situations and put in place exception to ordinary legal and judicial procedures . In POTA A suspect could be detained for up to 180 days by a special court.• The law made fundraising for the purpose of terrorism a terrorist act”.• A separate chapter to deal with terrorist organisations was to included .The TADA Act defined a “terrorist act” and “disruptive activities”, put restrictions on the grant of bail, and gave enhanced power to detain suspects and attach properties.• The law made a confession before a police officer admissible as evidence. Separate courts were set up to hear cases filed under TADA ki. TADA and POTA is now not functioning in country that is to because of there liberal laws and TADA worked from 1985-1995 and POTA which was enacted after the terrorist attacks as 24th December 1999 Kandahar Hijack ,9/11 WTC attack and 13th December 2001 Indian parliament attack so social security was in threat that time, but these act were in function from 2001 to 2004 .
After these two act UAPA Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act is an Indian law enacted which aimed at prevention of unlawful activities associations in India. Its main objective was to make powers available for dealing with activities directed against the integrity and sovereignty of India. It also aims to criminalising raising funds for a terrorist attacks , •-holding of the proceeds of terrorism,-membership of a terrorist organisation,. support to a terrorist organisation, and the raising of funds for a terrorist organisation.• It increased the time available to law 2002 -2009 enforcement agencies to file a charge sheet to six months from three.
•The law was amended in 2008 after the Mumbai attacks, and again in 2012. The definition of terrorist act was expanded to include offences that threaten economic security, counterfeiting Indian currency, and procurement of weapons, etc.

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