Importance of Tawaf and How to Perform Tawaf

The word “tawaf” comes from the Arabic word “taafa,” which means “to circle.” One of the most important parts of the pilgrimage that every pilgrim must do in order to finish his Hajj or Umrah. If you want to make a pilgrimage to Makkah, our travel agency can help you find the best and most economical umrah packages to make your trip memorable. The most important part of the pilgrimage is going around the Holy Kaaba seven times in a anticlockwise direction.

Hajra al-Aswad is the place where Tawaf starts and ends. People think that the circular shows how devoted people are to One God’s Ibadah. Putting a circle around the Kaaba shows that everything is connected and that everything revolves around Allah Almighty. Each time the pilgrim makes the whole trip. He raised his stage, and after seven circuits, he moved from Nafs Al-Ammarah to Nafs Al-Mutmainnah, going from the lowest to the highest step of the soul.

What Is Tawaf and How Do I Do It?

To do Tawaf, a pilgrim must be in a state of Wudhu and free from all pollution. During Tawaf, men shouldn’t cover their right shoulder, and for the first three circles, they should embrace Ramal. For the last four rounds, they should walk normally. Women don’t have to get Ramal and can go wherever they want in each of the seven circles. The Kaaba should be on the left side of the traveller. If you want to do Tawaf, you should enter Masjid al-Haram with your right foot and say “Bismillahi wasalatu wasalamu ala Rasolillahi.”

There was no reason to do Tahiyatul-Majid when you arrived to do Tawaf. But if Salah is a requirement, it should be done first. Start your Tawaf at the Hajra al-Aswad and, if you can do it without making a fuss, kiss the holy stone. If you can’t get to it because of the crowd, face the Hajra al-Aswad from the Tawaf line and make a single signal with your right hand. Say “Bismillahi wallahu Akbar” and make your first circle going counter-clockwise.

Explorers are free to ask for things, make prayers, and do zikr in any way they think is best. Don’t stop moving. It’s okay to feel sick, thirsty, or like you need to go to the bathroom. Now you can let go and keep going with your Tawaf. Use your right hand to touch Rukn-al-Yamani or Yamani and say “Bismillahu wallahu Akbar” again. You don’t have to touch it. If you can, do so. You can still do your Tawaf if you are performing on the top level of the mosque or if there is a large crowd. Avoid pointing it, kissing your hand, or saying anything.

It is Sunnah to say the following from Yamani Corner to Black Stone.

Rabana atina fidunya hasanatan wa fil akhirati hasanatan wa qina athabanar.

When you get to the Black-Stone, one round is over. Keep going the same way to finish all seven circuits. When you’ve done seven rounds, cover your right shoulder. Next, pilgrims must go to the Maqaam-e-Ibraaheem while reciting the right part of the Quran. You can spend a good time with Maaqaam e Ibraheemi during the Umrah. Umrah 2023 packages are cheaper as compare to the packages of last year.

Watakhithu min Maqami Ibrahema musala

Then, get into a position where Maqaam-e-Ibraaheem is between you and the Holy Kabah. As the Sunnah says, pray two rakats of Salah, reading Surat Kafirun after Surat Fatiha in the first rakah and Surat Ikhlas in the second rakah. If there isn’t enough space in Maqaam e Ibraaheem to pray two rakats, you can pray anywhere in Haram. After you say this prayer, you’re done with your Tawaf.

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