Immune System Herbs and Remedies

dr. jade tetaWe’re all governed by a cold at sometime during the year, generally in the cold months of winter as the dry cold air incubates the cold and flu virus find out more by clicking here (click here!) safely and effectively. First of all with a good immune system is the primary key to push away the effects of flu as well as colds, to do this it is best to incorporate immune system herbs to do this. Though it is going to be a complete waste of cash and time in case your Colon is overloaded with fetal matter.

Self toxicity needs to be cleared for starters, a few suggest a colonic irrigation, although I think this being unnatural and prefer an all natural laxative i.e. day entire apple such as the epidermis, (when monkeys eat apples they discard the skin I don’t know why). My favourite are figs. I normally wear dried figs and simmer them in warm water for a couple of mins and allow cooling. This method produces syrup which is in addition a healthy laxative. Each cell in people is composed from the meals we consume, so eat smartly with a good deal of green leafy vegetables and fruit, which will in can be immune system herbs.

Immune Boosters

There are many immune system herbs to choose from but these are several of the widely used ones which are found to be the most effective.


This immunity tonic is a marvelous organic food which in turn raises the body’s resistance to colds and flu. Held in high esteem by the Chinese and highly recommended by them in many of their therapeutic formulas. The herb is sweetly flavored tasting and appears to have been utilized in traditional medicine for the lung, spleen and liver. A fluid tinctures produced from the root of the herb, typically available at health and well being shops as well as herbal providers, could perhaps help to bring down blood pressure.


This is the best selling herb in the US as well as released over hundred years back to the healthcare environment. The name of its comes from the Greek word echinos meaning hedgehog due to the hedgehog -like look in the main cone of the flower. Echinacea is likely one of the usually used herbal extracts. This particular classical herbal treatment for upper and viral respiratory infections enhances the generation of white blood cells, lymphocytes as well as macrophages which are the main elements in defence in the immune system. In Germany, the tincture extract is described as’ resistance drops’, thanks to its immune stimulating effect. At the arrival of a cold take twenty drops of tincture of Echinacea, 2-4b times daily for about 2 days. To prevent considered a cold take three times daily for 6 weeks, after that desist as it is going to reduce the immunity as well as effectiveness.


This particular herb grows in profusion in the Mediterranean and in China. The name of its suggests “sweet root’ and it is grown in Europe for its medicinal qualities as liquorice reduces inflammation, and is soothing for the lungs as it can relieve phlegm and soothe the bronchia, perfect if you’re experiencing a chest infection. This particular herb has proven to obtain an antibiotic effect from sore throats and can alleviate a dry cough consequently it’s an excellent lung tonic. This herb under some circumstances can result in increase in blood pressure, so be aware in case you have this condition.

Prevention is better than cure, and that is the Chinese philosophy.

This specific list is only a tiny sample of Immune System herbs…more to go by.

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