If you’re swinging wildly and throwing haymakers

5 most common punching mistakes you should avoid
When you’re first learning how to punch, it can be difficult to get the hang of it at first. But if you learn the mistakes to avoid when punching with boxing gloves and pads. You can improve your technique and not injure yourself in the process. These 5 common punching mistakes are the ones most frequently made by new boxers. So make sure you don’t commit them to ensure your own safety as well as the safety of others on the mat with you. Let’s look at each one individually so we can see what they are and how to avoid them.

1) Hitting With Your Knuckles

One of the most common mistakes is hitting with your knuckles. This can cause injury to your hand, or worse, injury to the face. Fingers should always be used to punch as they offer more protection and are less likely to get caught in your opponent’s teeth.

2) Not Using Your Entire Body

When throwing a punch, it’s important to use your entire body and not just your arm. To do this, turn your torso and hips with the punch as you throw it. This will ensure that all of the force is going into the target. You’ll also need to keep your back straight and shoulders down so that power doesn’t leak out of your torso when executing a punch. Keep in mind that you don’t have to start every punch from the same position. You can move forward or step back while throwing punches wearing boxing gloves and pads to stay unpredictable. But remember to always return your feet to the original position before throwing another strike.

3) Hitting Too Hard

It’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about executing a well-placed punch that will do the job. The goal is to hit your opponent with a quick and sharp blow to the head or body that will stun them so they can’t move. A few punches to the head or body is all it takes to knock someone out. If you’re swinging wildly and throwing haymakers, there’s a good chance your opponent will be able to block it and counter attack.

4) Relaxing Your Hand

You can’t punch when your hand is tense. The best way to relax your hand is to place your fingers on the top of the ball of your palm and then push down. This will make the muscles in your arm loosen up and make it easier for you to punch. You also want to avoid curling your fingers too much or bending them backwards, since these are also bad habits that can lead to tension in the hand. You also want to be sure not to curl your thumb because this forces the fist into a weaker position. Finally, be sure not to hold onto anything tightly with one of your hands as this will limit how strong a punch you can throw.

5) Telegraphing Your Punches

It’s important to keep your punches unpredictable and telegraph as little as possible. Keeping your punches unpredictable will make it difficult for opponents to defend against them, but it’s also essential that you don’t give away your next move by telegraphing. The easiest way to do this is by keeping your hands close to your face and not extending them too far before throwing a punch. https://zencastr.com/z/Zd92AaWL https://zencastr.com/z/GTmhX2PZ https://zencastr.com/z/wqq_s01t https://zencastr.com/z/uS77-1Tm https://zencastr.com/z/fC1pFrU7 https://zencastr.com/z/-3X1iDlv https://zencastr.com/z/roNfZu8q https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/388320 https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/388310 https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/389628 https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/391221 https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/388295 https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/388334 https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/391211 https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/388324 https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/389437 https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/391201 https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/389427 https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/388260 https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/388320/++RedditStreamS_Ryder_vs_Parker_Live_StreamReddit_ https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/388310/RedditStreams_Parker_vs_Ryder_Live_StreamReddit_ON https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/389628/%F0%9D%90%8B%F0%9D%90%88%F0%9D%90%95%F0%9D%90%84%F0%9D%90%92%F0%9D%90%93%F0%9D%90%91%F0%9D%90%84%F0%9D%90%80%F0%9D%90%8CPPV_Parker_vs_Ryder_LIVE_Free_ https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/391221/%F0%9D%90%8B%F0%9D%90%88%F0%9D%90%95%F0%9D%90%84%F0%9D%90%92%F0%9D%90%93%F0%9D%90%91%F0%9D%90%84%F0%9D%90%80%F0%9D%90%8CReddit_Parker_vs_Ryder_Live_Br https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/388295/WATCHFREE_Zach_Parker_vs_John_Ryder_LiveStream_Onl https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/388334/LIVESTREAMSFree_BOXING_Ryder_vs_Parker_Live_BROADC https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/391211/RedditStreams_Ryder_vs_Parker_Live_StreamReddit_ON https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/388324/++RedditStreamS_Ryder_vs_Parker_Live_StreamReddit_ https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/389437/RedditStreamS_Ryder_vs_Parker_Live_StreamReddit_ON https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/391201/RedditStreamS_Ryder_vs_Parker_Live_StreamReddit_ON https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/389427/RedditStreamS_Ryder_vs_Parker_Live_StreamReddit_ON https://new.c.mi.com/my/post/388260/RedditStreamS_Ryder_vs_Parker_Live_StreamReddit_ON Don’t forget to wear high-quality boxing gloves and pads during punching to save yourself from any injury.

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