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built by the EU memberships of Sweden, Finland, Finland and Slovenia. Developed by Sveriges Radio (Sveriges Radio), Sveriges Television (Sveriges Television), Motala Municipality, Modum Municipality, Falkenberg Municipality, Gefle Municipality, Brastad Municipality, Eslöv Municipality, Hässleholm Municipality and Haninge Municipality. The Concert was released in both the original Swedish language and English language versions.

WEC reductions were increased with increasing RCF test duration; however, no direct correlations to RCF time and WEC reduction were observed, with WEC reduction slowing down between WEC sizes 100 and 250 (nm). From the WEC reduction results and work cited in Section 2.4, it is likely that either the surface was becoming less responsive to the stress rise or that a fatigue threshold was reached. An alternate explanation for the saturation is one of stress distribution and material separation resulting in the formation of a surface-induced crack. Such a crack would not be amenable to EBSD mapping and analysis, where the presence of the crack prevents the volume of the sub-surface to be analysed. The crack would only be visualised under optical microscopy and would only manifest itself during rapid quench conditions (e.g. a coating is removed). Crack growth and reduction cannot be measured, due to insufficient thickness of the coating to achieve strain-gauge resolution; however, a reduction in the diameter of the crack was observed, with a reduction in diameter from 300 to 50nm between the RCF test of 0.5 h and 1 h duration. The reduction was measured through direct observation of the crack using both SEM and optical microscopy (Fig. 3 and 11). Previous research has reported similar surface-induced crack formation [ 29 ]. Crack size reduction from surface-induced cracking has been shown to be less severe than that due to WEC formation [ 45 ] and is attributed to growth and opening of existing stress risers [ 30 ]. Variation in crack size reduction between different work cited in Section 2.3 is attributed to variation in surface morphology. Fatigue crack reduction during quenching of a continuous rolling strip using a similar process was also previously reported [ 28 ]. The minimum crack size for WECs of the type that were studied was 100nm. WECs below this size were observed, but were generally less prevalent. WECs with a diameter less than 100nm are included in the 500nm range of platelet size. The average platelet size is 562 nm, whereas the average needle diameter is 105.6 nm, therefore, within the platelet size and platelet density parameters, such as number of platelets and platelet size distribution, the platelet size is expected to decrease with decreasing crack size.




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