Hunter Biden's ex partner is set to testify with explosive docs

Hundreds of UK staff could be among the thousands of Twitter employees set to be sacked by Elon Musk – as the social media platform’s offices in London were locked this evening with workers told to stay at home until next week.

While at the scene, DePape looked at the glass door and told investigators that was where he broke into the house. Officers later recovered his bag outside the damaged glass doors. Inside, there was another hammer, a laptop, and more bags of zip ties.

Pelosi is recovering at home a week after he was struck in the head with a hammer wielded by David DePape, 42, who broke into the San Francisco property while Pelosi’s wife US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi – along with her security detail – was in Washington, D.C. 

It’s not surprising that Audi has decided to invest in this model, rather than try to force buyers into the electric market. The A3 is an important piece in the company’s armour and since the nameplate first launched in the mid-1990s, Audi has sold more than five million of them globally, some 56,000 of those in Australia.

The audio recording, gadgetinku broadcast during his interview with anchor Tucker Carlson, was a short clip in which Bobulinski told another of the partners in the Chinese deal, Biden confidant Rob Walker, that he would blow the whistle if the Bidens didn’t come clean.

Another user tweeted: ‘The ONLY ‘misinformation’ I have seen in regard to what happened to Paul Pelosi has come from media outlets like the New York Times. We all know the ‘official story’ is pure bullsh**…’

A member of security staff at Twitter’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) headquarters in Dublin told reporters that nobody was coming into the office on Friday and employees had been told to stay home.

And prosecutor David Weiss has the opportunity to subpoena Bobulinski for the thousands of messages, audio recordings, photos and documents he holds – though Bobulinski told Fox News that Weiss has inexplicably failed to do so.

Simon Deakin, a professor of Law at the University of Cambridge, said if 100 or more employees are sacked within a period of 90 days, the Business Secretary must be notified 45 days before the first dismissal.

Joe Biden’s brother Jim was also partners with the Chinese business man who was in on a deal that earned the First Family millions of dollars. The source declined to comment whether the recordings included Joe Biden

‘It appears to be busted from the inside,’ he noted. ‘I mean I watched enough Colombo excuse me sir one more thing when the glass be on the inside of the door and not the outside of the door but we don’t know what kind of glass it was . . . we have no idea.’

Social media users were quick to post that there was an unknown third person at the scene of the incident. But law enforcement officials told Reuters that Pelosi and DePape were the only two people at the Pelosi residence at the time.

The A3 also gets Audi’s new ‘toy’ – the stubby gearchange selector which sits centrally in the centre console, opening up some welcome space for keys, sunnies and other trinkets.

It’s recently been added to the new A4 and some SUV variants.

The First Son texted his Bobulinski in his CEFC venture in May 2017 that Zang was ‘coming to be MY partner to be partners with the Bidens’ and that Zang ‘implied that the #1 has made that clear and available to him’

Staff have been told that everyone received an email by 9am PST (4pm GMT) on Friday, with those who are affected by the cuts set to receive the message on their personal email address rather than the one associated with their work.

Mr Clancy described the situation as the “digital P&O” – in reference to the shipping company, which was widely condemned after it sacked nearly 800 crew members without notice in March and replaced them with cheaper agency workers.

The entry-level 35TFSI model utilises a 1.4-litre, turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a mild hybrid function and cylinder deactivation. That translates to a slightly ponderous 0-100km/h time of 8.6 seconds.

Some will argue that this new A3 is not a “real” Audi because of the front-wheel-drive configuration, rather than its customary Quattro all-wheel-drive – an argument that would carry more weight if the 35TFSI wasn’t such a pleasant, Gadgetinku.Com well-grounded little device.

Twitter’s London headquarters at Piccadilly CIrcus, where it is understood around 1,000 members of staff are based, were deserted this evening with no employees arriving as they were left in the wondering about their futures. 

It’s typically well behaved on the road, although on rough surfaces there is an unwelcome level of noise entering into the cabin – which completely disappears on smoother surfaces, suggesting the type of tyres may be a contributing factor.

Musk is thought to want to drastically reduce costs at the company after completing his 44 billion dollar (£39 billion) takeover of the platform last week, since tweeting “we need to pay the bills somehow”.

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