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HPe-rc Crack With Keygen For PC 2022 [New]

Download audio data from an rtc-file, decode the raw data, set a switch mode to listen to the scanner, switch to VoIP, set a switch for the status messages, switch to a language/indicator mode, play a speech file, start/stop the scanner, switch to a regular listening mode, enable/disable the annunciation, fetch the status of the scanner, kill the scanner, listen to an incoming message and a keyword, talk to the scanner, abort the running script by a keyword, play the scanner name, abort the script by pressing enter, abort the script by skipping the next keyword, abort the script by a specified timeout value, etc.
Voice volume and audio playback can be adjusted.
A feature that allows you to switch to listening mode automatically on entering a specific contact is also included.
All user defined keywords can be programmed in one easy to use file.
All features of the original script can be triggered by MCT (mobile command terminal), SSH (secure shell) or the gnome keyring (locally). This allows connection and remote control of HomePatrol-1 from any Linux desktop, a mobile phone, a tablet or any other system with the right software.
Main features:
☛ HPe-rc allows you to remotely control Uniden HomePatrol-1 via the Internet.
☛ The basic features of HPe-rc can be used to remotely control the scanner via a telnet connection or via SSH (secure shell).
☛ The basic features of HPe-rc can be used to remotely control the scanner via a gnome keyring.
☛ All built-in keywords can be used to trigger scripts.
☛ HPe-rc can show the current contact, next contact, last call or last message of the scanner.
☛ HPe-rc can trigger scripts like zen-echo, gnome-keyring, custom scripts or to other programs like xmessage or socat.
☛ HPe-rc can re-install the rtc-files and can also download new rtc-files from a webserver.
☛ HPe-rc can show current contact, next contact, last call or last message of the scanner.
☛ HPe-rc can be used as a base for rtc-scripts.
☛ HPe-rc can be used as a base for custom commands (like external commands) that can be triggerd with the function-> start script

HPe-rc Keygen Full Version Download

* Remote Control emulation *
* Remote Control Module emulation *
* Airway mode detection *
* Set mode *
* 2.4G audio download *
* 2.4G audio search *
* 2.4G audio control *
* 2.4G audio transmit *
* 2.4G receive *
* 2.4G timestamp *
* 2.4G raw mode *
* 2.4G raw data to TX *
* 2.4G raw data from RX *
* Read mode data *
* Device identification *
* RSSI detection *
* Measured condition *
* Analog display *
* USB connection *
* Network connection *
* Status display *
* Timestamp *
* Set time *

Version 1.12 is released as an upgrade to install, as this contains all changes in the previous version but also contains some ‘bug fixes’.

HPe-rc V1.12 Changes:
* Downloading and reading 2.4G raw data to TX and RX can be configured in the data entry box. (without this you will get ‘RX’ and ‘TX’ displayed)
* Hold down key for the menu to return to the main menu.

Version 1.11 is released with the latest changes in the download frequency.

HPe-rc V1.11 Changes:
* New feature – duration can be entered in the search data drop-down box.
* New feature – In the raw data to TX and RX options, the data fields can be displayed using the included converter.
* New feature – A new ‘loop’ button has been added to the main menu.

Version 1.00 is now available for download.

To install HPe-rc, extract the archive to a directory of your choice and run HPe-rc.bat to run the application.
To uninstall the application, delete the entire HPe-rc directory.

Existing Users:
(the previously released versions can be found in the previous releases section)

HPe-rc is no longer available to public download.
However, if you want to reinstall the application:
1. Download HPe-rc-rc.exe from the HPe-rc website
2. Install HPe-rc on your PC using HPe-rc-rc.exe.
3. Navigate to HPe-rc/H


1)Downloads audio via unicast UDP, Ethernet, over a serial line and over internet the httpd server.
2)Fetches raw delta discriminator data via unicast UDP, Ethernet, over a serial line and over internet the httpd server.
3)Control the scanner with uniden hdh-04, dcx hdh-04 and hdh-42 scanners through a single serial line.
4)Control the scanner with python script and make necessary scripts with the usual python modules and uniden libraries.
5)Ports are open by default.
6)The hdh-04 hdh-42 uniden scanners are discovered and loaded through the /etc/rc.d/init.d/dhcpcd startup script.
So far I had the idea that both uniden scanners (dh-04 and hdh-04) are scanned and loaded (i.e. hdh-04 is the standard for uniden, implemented). But I now had my first idea, that uniden could support multiple vendors like hdh-42, hdh-04 with an implementation of the uniden firmware which supports all devices an make the udp connections. As I’m pretty new to this I’m not sure that this is the right way to deal with that situation.
How is this “multiple vendors” or handling the uniden uniden firmware? And how do I develop a program which can be used with all kinds of other vendors?
And what is necessary to be able to write in python all this different scanners?


First problem: By default, the uniden firmware can be found under /etc/uniden. You need to enable it.
Second problem: I believe that uniden creates a proprietary extension for the arduino-dhcpcd. Put the appropriate firmware path to /etc/rc.d/init.d/dhcpcd
Third problem: Create a program in python which is able to control all scanners. For example:
import socket, sys, time, select, threading

server = socket.socket()

client_socket, client_add, client_send, client_recv = server.accept()
data = client_socket.recv(1024)

What’s New In?

HPe-rc is a command-line based Uniden HomePatrol-1 scanner remote control software for Windows.
HPe-rc differs from HPe-pref in that the former is a command-line tool, whereas the latter is a GUI app for controlling the scanner remotely.
HPe-rc features:
• A powerful channel-switch command
• Programmable button mapping
• Nearly unlimited scan parameters
• Fast “hot-wire” and “easy-wire” scanning modes, and Read mode.
Uniden HomePatrol-1 scanner configuration:
Some samples of how HPe-rc can be used to control the scanner remotely:
If you do not already have one (for details refer to the install instructions) you need a TEMP.BAT file (base.reg is not supported for the scanner).
Download the latest version of this TEMP.BAT file below, save it to your Documents folder and then run the following command:
HPe-rc-BASEBASECMD.exe should now run and start the program.
You can now have the scanner controlled on the command line of your computer. For further details, the following documentation is provided:
For further information on HPe-rc please refer to this PDF document:
The next feature we will discuss is the channel-switch command. HPe-rc provides four (4) different modes of operation to channel-switch the scanner. This can be seen in the command-line utility by listing the possible modes of channel-switching:
Mode Meaning Example
SW-NONE Normal mode Non-switching
SW-80 Normal mode 80-scan only
SW-WNW Normal mode Windows default
SW-WSW Normal mode Windows-switching
SW-YWS Normal mode Y-switching
SW-RRR Normal mode Random-scan
SW-QQQ Normal mode Queue-scan
SW-SRS Normal mode Serial-scan
SW-NONE NONE Normal Mode Non-switching
SW-80 80-scan only
SW-WNW Windows default
SW-WSW Windows-switching
SW-YWS Y-switching
SW-RRR Random-scan

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later
Windows Vista, Windows XP
AMD Radeon 57xx series, Intel i5, Intel i7
Broadband internet connection
I recommend at least Windows 10, but Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista are also supported.
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