How to Use an Access Control System to Increase Security

An access control system can increase security and regulate access times and conditions. It can also help to identify individuals and entities. It can also eliminate the need for keys.

Identify an individual or entity.

Identifying an individual or entity is a complex task. It requires the coordination of several departments. In a distributed IT environment, there are several avenues for achieving this. For instance, you can verify an individual’s identity with a fingerprint, a PIN, or a touchscreen gesture pattern.

A modern-day IT environment involves multiple cloud-based implementations. Therefore, access control has to be a central part of your security plan. It can help reduce the risk of data theft, prevent fines and revoked licenses, and improve compliance with regulatory requirements. It also can detect cyberattacks.

The best way to achieve this is to implement the right security strategy using the correct technology. Whether you need to certify an employee’s identity or grant users access to the most secure parts of your network, there are access control solutions to fit your needs. You can also take advantage of unified access management. This system is designed to give you the best of both worlds: on-premises and cloud controls.

Choosing the right access control solution is critical to your organization’s success. Unfortunately, many companies struggle with determining the right combination of technologies to meet their requirements. For example, you might need to consider a variety of biometrics and documents, or you may require a full-blown solution that uses both. Nira has a range of offerings that can help you implement new access control or evaluate your current setup.

Regulate access times and conditions

Using an access control system to regulate access times and conditions can be a great way to keep employees safe. For example, a hospital might want to limit the number of employees using a computer to access information. They might also need to know a password to enter the building.

One type of access control is attribute-based access control (ABAC). This system permits you to perform specific actions based on the characteristics of the component. This type of system uses the concept of least privilege to ensure that you are only allowed access to essential information about your job.

Another type of access control is logical access control. This type of system only allows connections from predefined IP addresses. This model limits connection to legitimate administrators who have the proper credentials. It is a little less complex than the ABAC model but requires more processing power.

This type of control is often used in conjunction with the attribute-based model. However, the logical access control is not as flexible as the attribute-based model. This is because it requires a lot of planning and maintenance. Objects, labels, and accounts must be updated periodically to ensure they still work correctly.

One of the newest types of access control is role-based access control (RBAC). This type of system allows users access to an object based on the role the user plays within the organization.

Eliminate the need for keys

Having an access control system is an effective way to reduce theft and other security issues. It will also keep employees out of areas they don’t need to be in. It can be a valuable tool when an emergency occurs.

An access control system’s main benefit is eliminating the need for keys. You can set up your system to use biometrics, PINs, or mobile credentials. You can limit access to people based on their rank or job title. For example, you may not want all your employees to gain access to your inventory areas. You can also create settings based on your shift patterns.

An EAC system is easy to install and manage. It will also help reduce overall security costs. It will protect your intellectual assets and personnel. It also helps to reduce the risk of industrial espionage and other threats. It will provide you with instant alarm responses and reporting.

The system can be networked, allowing it to be used across multiple doors. This option can be beneficial if your company has various locations. It can also be installed standalone.

Aside from keeping your employees safe, an access control system will also protect your company from hackers. If you don’t take precautions, unauthorized individuals can quickly access your most valuable assets.

Increase security

Using an access control system can help improve the security of your organization. It provides total visibility and allows you to determine who enters or leaves a building, office, or other location. The system can also be used to identify individuals involved in an incident. It can be especially helpful in conducting an audit.

Access control systems use a variety of mechanisms to verify that an individual has permission to access a company’s network. They can block unauthorized access, prevent revoked licenses, and increase compliance with data privacy laws.

These systems include electronic access control, which relies on user credentials, such as passwords or biometrics, to grant access. Other options include access card readers, alarms, and access control panels.

Depending on the organization’s security requirements, it may be advisable to use both authentication methods. This helps keep malicious content out of the network.

Access control is a critical component of a modern zero-trust security framework. It helps to protect against cyberattacks by limiting access to a company’s IT assets, including computer networks, databases, and data. It is essential for preventing breaches of privacy and data theft.

As an example, a hospital might have two buildings. The faculty teaching at one campus might be allowed to use a different access level than the staff working at the other. Similarly, a national or regional company might have security policies at its headquarters and at each branch.


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