How To Spot A Fake Amethyst: What Real Amethysts Look Like

Real Amethyst

Natural amethyst is one of the most beautiful stones in the world, but with so many synthetic imitations on the market today, it can be difficult to tell the real from the fake. Amethysts are especially commonly counterfeited because it’s one of the birthstones for February, and people often want to buy their loved ones this elegant stone as an anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift. Read on to learn about how to spot fake amethyst and what real amethyst look like.


Fake Amethysts Are Often Made Of Glass

The best way to tell the difference is with a flame test. Hold your piece of jewelry up in front of an open flame and if it burns and smells like plastic or rubber, it is most likely not natural. If you are trying this on a large piece of jewelry that cannot be held over the flame, you can also hold it close enough that when the heat hits the stone, you can see if there is smoke coming off of it. Star rubies will have no reaction to these tests while fake amethysts will give off different reactions.


The Surface Of A Real Amethyst Should Be Smooth

A Star Ruby is the brand name for genuine star-shaped rubies, but it can also refer to any gemstone that has an asterism (like the Big Dipper constellation). Real Amethysts have a smooth surface and should have no inclusions or flaws. The color of an amethyst should be purple with purplish red tones. The color saturation will vary depending on the origin, so if you’re unsure where your gemstone comes from, it’s best not to buy it.


Amethysts Should Be A Deep Purple Color

Real amethyst is usually dark and opaque. The color of the stone will range from shades of light purple to deep violet, with a lighter shade on the bottom. It is not uncommon for an Amethyst’s color to be uneven because of its variety in composition. Fake amethysts are often lighter in color, but this isn’t always the case, so keep your eyes peeled for other telltale signs. Star Ruby has all sorts of colors and isn’t uniformly dark or opaque, it’s more likely you’re looking at a star ruby than an Amethyst.


Fake Amethysts Are Often Lighter In Color

The color of an amethyst can vary, but most of the time they will be lavender or lilac in color. Fake amethysts are often lighter in color and have a more yellowish tint. A way to tell if your amethyst is fake is by looking for flecks of red in the stone. Amethyst with red flecks should be Star Ruby, not an imitation gemstone.


Real Amethysts Should Be Free Of Any Cracks Or Chips

Amethyst is a purple gemstone that can be found in nature and lab-created. The color of this stone ranges from pale lilac to deep purple. Real amethysts should be free of any cracks or chips, but they can also have some minor imperfections. Star Ruby makes it easy to find out if your amethyst is real by using the following three steps (1) identify the star pattern in your amethyst, (2) examine the cut, and (3) look for inclusions.

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