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FSSAI: Guide (Registration + License + Full Form + Documents, Fee, Etc)

For any food business, registration for an FSSAI food license is mandatory. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India issues the FSSAI License. The license guarantees a standard quality of food products, as product sales track the brand name. It has established a comprehensive licensing and registration system when minimum standards are met. The license remains for a certain period of time until it expires. The shelf life ranges from one year to 5 years of the period.

However, if the validity period has expired, the food business operator (FBO) must renew the license. Running a food business without a legal license will bring you a penalty. In addition, the business is terminated, which greatly affects the manufacturing and sales sector.

Consider renewing the food license at least 30 days before it expires. If you do not follow the guideline, then there will be a penalty. Generally, when you fail to renew an FSSAI license, the penalty is 100 rupees per day. Below are the documents required to apply for an expired FSSAI License Renewal.

Documents required to apply for an expired FSSAI license renewal

There are two types of FSSAI license, one is the primary FSSAI license, and the other is the wise FSSAI government license, where commercial operations take place:

To renew the basic FSSAI license, the following documents must be registered:

  • Two copies of the most recent passport-sized photo of the applicant.
  • Proof of one government-approved identity to the applicant. (For example voter ID card, passport, etc).
  • A copy of a valid PAN card for the applicant.
  • One government authorized to verify the address. (For example lease, electricity bill, etc).
  • If the applicant is the owner of the said property, it is necessary to supply the ownership papers. Also, with a copy of the ownership papers.
  • If the applicant rents the aforementioned property, it is necessary to provide a copy of the tenancy agreement and the letter of the non-objection certificate from the landlord.


Apply for FSSAI registration

To renew a state or central FSSAI license, you will need the following documents:

  • With regard to the property in question, the association’s owner, members, partners, or managers list. The list should match the addresses and contact details of the people on the list.
  • Any person approved by the government to prove the identity of the applicant. It can be either a voter ID card or a passport.
  • A copy of the valid PANcard of the applicant.
  • Anyone from the government authorized to prove the address. It can be either a phone or electricity bill.
  • If the applicant is the owner of the said property, it is necessary to provide two copies of the ownership papers. Copy of ownership papers.
  • If the applicant rents the aforementioned property, it is necessary to provide a copy of the rental agreement and the landlord’s letter of protest.
  • If the property is under the control of a partnership, then it is a copy of the memorandum of agreement, agreement, or bond of partnership, as appropriate.
  • In the case of a cooperative, then a copy of the certificate obtained under the Cooperative Act, 1861, must be provided.
  • If the property is under the control of the distributor, a copy of the no-objection certificate must be submitted by the manufacturer, municipality, or local authority.
  • A copy of the blog document issued by the General Directorate of Foreign Trade
  • The ninth form was filled in with a mention of the nomination of persons by a company along with the decision of the Board of Directors.

Procedures to renew an expired FSSAI license

First step

Form A or Form B file depending on the eligibility of the food business. Model A and Form B are the ending models of the FBO business. These forms must be accompanied by a declaration certified by the applicant. The declaration should address compliance with food safety law standards and standards. Attach the documents mentioned in the previous section with the directed forms.

Second step

The second step is verification. The authorities will consider the request. They will be arranged for inspection at the said workplaces if required. Verification will be done to ensure that the details are accurate, true, and correct for the applicant’s knowledge.

Third step

The third step is the phase of completion. Depending on the verification result the food license will be given to the FBO. It will take no longer than 60 days to reach the applicant for the license. If after 60 days the applicant receives the food permit, he will ask questions.


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