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Obama: Patriots will win the Super Bowl champions this season

When the 51st Super Bowl champion to visit the White House, they will face eight years to debut new faces.

Barack – Obama (Barack Obama) left in the final months of his presidency, he delivered a speech at this time, nfl jerseys appear in public as well as to make clear that the Super Bowl prediction insurance.

Obama on Friday during a radio show interview on the Super Bowl this season, made a very conservative forecast.

“Super Bowl is more difficult (to predict). But now I have to say, you would guess Brady win again,” Obama said. “I think there is no real strong teams. Seattle Seahawks and Patriots in the Super Bowl reunion, this is my prediction.”

Of course, predicted the Patriots became the American League Championship and the Seahawks beat the National League first division rivals small. But Obama for the analysis of the league “is not really strong teams,” the very accurate, the balance of power between the teams in the league is the most balanced position.

Despite great success, Obama’s tenure in the White House, the Patriots visited only once, after the victory over the Seattle Seahawks in 2015. In fact, in his tenure in the White House Neiaobama he met with eight different Super Bowl championship team & mdash; & mdash; not the defending team in cheap nfl jerseys free shipping history is unprecedented in these eight years.

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