How to Make Dogpile Search Engine My Homepage?

www dogpile com

Dogpile search engine was launched in 1996. This site was developed by Aaron Flin. It is introduced as a metasearch engine for information on the Internet. It retrieves solutions from various famed search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Yandex, Bing, etc. It also displays solutions from companies, that offer audio and video content, like Yahoo. Later dogpile was acquired by Go2Net on 5 August 1999.

Features of Dogpile Search Engine:

  • Links in the category, allow visitors to narrow their search to particular categories like news, audio, etc.
  • Users are given access to performing searching using the Yellow Pages and White Pages. But unfortunately, users would no longer have access to searches using white pages after February 23, 2017.
  • Users are getting a Web Search Box to submit their search terms. To get numerous results, users are guided to enter one or more keywords and press the Search button.
  • The button used to search is called the “Search Button.”
  • Dogpile offers Links that take users to a page, where they can change their search preferences accordingly.
  • Spelling correction: It helps users to correct misspelled words with suggested spellings, and also corrects frequently misspelled terms automatically.
  • It keeps the track of recent searches made by the end users. But one needs to keep in mind that it resets the list of searches if the user closes the browser.
  • It also displays recent popular searches made by another user which is marked as a salient feature for Dogpile Search Engine.

And so many more.

 Steps to make Dogpile Search Engine your Homepage via Internet Explorer: 

Step 1: Start by opening “Internet Explorer”.

Step 2: Visit the Dogpile website.

Step 3: Choose “Internet Options” from the “Tools” menu. It will now display the “Internet Options” dialogue box.

Step 4: Verify that the “Internet Options” dialogue box’s “General” tab is selected.

Step 5”: In the “Home Page” area, click the “Use Current” button. To save the changes and dismiss the dialogue box, then click “Apply”.

Steps to make Dogpile Search Engine your Homepage via Google Chrome:

Step 1: Start “Google Chrome” on your device.

Step 2: Visit Dogpile search engine’s website

Step 3: Select “Options” after clicking the “Tools” button on the toolbar. A dialogue window titled “Google Chrome Options” will appear on the screen.

Step 4: Open the “Google Chrome Options” dialogue box and select the “Basics” option.

Step 5: Select “Open the Home Page”, Click “Use Current” in “On Startup” area. To make the changes effective, click the “Close” button.

Steps to make Dogpile Search Engine your Homepage via Firefox: 

Step 1: Open Firefox on your device.

Step 2: Visit the website of the Dogpile search engine.

Step 3: Select the small blue and white dog paw-shaped icon that is located to the left of the address bar.

Step 4: Drag the icon to the toolbar’s “Home” button. This button’s default location is immediate to the left of the address bar.

Step 5: When the “Set Home Page” dialogue box asks if you want to modify your home page, click “Yes”.

Final Words

Users can make searches on any of their preferred subjects as soon as their browser is opened, by setting Dogpile as their home page. However, by doing this will surely save you time and make its access simple or effective. Dogpile browser can be accessed in a few steps, but setting it on your home page will skip those steps too. 

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