How to find escorts

* **Step 1**

Start the conversation—but with the intention of making it fun. Open with something like, “Hey babe, what are you up to?” or “How’s the hot date going?” or “I was just thinking about you.” Even if you’re just walking down the street, it’s a good idea to start small—you’re building a relationship, so it’s more important to ease into it.

* **Step 2**

Make sure you have everything you need—a good book, maybe a movie (you’re gonna love this one!), or a funny story or moment (chances are, you’ll be picking up on this mood as well).

* **Step 3**

Try something that makes you feel good and remember why you’re out with this person. If you’re out with a friend, it could be a drink, a walk, or just talking about stuff that makes you both happy.

* **Step 4**

If you have your story, just go for it—tell it to your bestie, or your mom, or your friend who happens to be there with you. The key is to let it out and just be yourself!

* **Step 5**

You need to let your personality shine through a little. Some people’s personalities are light and humorous and come off as cheesy, whereas others have way too much of an edge and you might end up hating them after five minutes.

On the flip side, you don’t want to be too boring. An old adage in the dating world says to play it safe because if you don’t, “You’ll never get laid.” Now, while this is absolutely true, it’s also dangerous to be too wishy-washy. Your personality should be an integral part of your date, otherwise, you may just end up bored or sad and miss out on meeting someone you like, who you click with, or who makes you laugh.
Depending on the situation, a good number of Tinder users break up or get hit on, never having met the person, because they have a precarious grasp on their emotions. But you don’t have to let logic or an instant-fueled mating response rule your world. After all, the idea of asking someone to share your bed for the night doesn’t seem like an ideal way to begin a romantic partnership.

When you’re ready to transition from Friend Zone to Relationship Zone, it’s time to bust a few myths about dating. But what is dating, anyway? Is it always about getting into bed with someone you’re not even sure you like? How long do you have to date before you can say you’re officially in the relationship zone?

It’s time to lay out the truth.

So the next time you’re swiping left, there’s really nothing to be ashamed of (because it’s not all you). Here, you’ll find some useful tips to help you get to that other side of dating without burning your candle at both ends (or worse).

1. It’s not just about the sex

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve been waiting for a guy or a girl to text us back and we’ve been hit with a message that reads something like, “yeah, I think we’re great for each other and I would love to meet you at ______ (insert restaurant here) Friday at 7 PM…?” You’re thinking, “sure I’ll meet him/her in the gazebo at Never Ever Land.”

In that case, you’re focusing on the physical aspects of the date instead of the emotional aspects.

If you start by asking, “Do you wanna meet up for drinks?” and proceed to go on a full-blown date with him/her, you’re no longer focusing on the emotional aspects of what you’re looking for in a potential partner. By going on a physical date—even if it’s just drinks—you’re more likely to like what you see in yourself and also, likely, in the other person.

It also helps to consider whether you’re looking for a friendship or a long-term relationship. It’s easy to confuse long-term commitment with a daily routine that doesn’t

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