How the planets influence your marriage

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so I figured I would write an article about couples astrology and some of the best aspects to have in a relationship! Astrology is full of questions about love and marriage. Here are some key factors that can help two people have a happy relationship.

I conducted a bit of a study with some friends of mine and their birth charts in comparison to their partners’ charts and here are the results I found. While most of the charts I examined were for zodiac compatibility percentage romantic couples, I did see some platonic friend charts. The results were very close.

Editor’s note – You will find both positive and negative elements throughout this article. Positive aspects include conjunction (unless you need to specify), trine, conjunction, as well as sextile. Negative aspects include squares, and oppositions (unless you need to specify). We have provided the explanation for your convenience. Trine is when two planets are 120 degree apart. This brings comfort and ease, while conjunction refers to two planets at the same degree for the exact sign. This combines energies to often strengthen both. Sextile, on the other hand, means that two of the planets are 60° apart. It represents the element of opportunity. Square refers to two planets being 90 degrees apart. This can cause tension and challenge, while opposite refers to two planets being 180 degrees apart.

Sun/Moon/Ascendant aspects:

It is important to have Sun/Moon/Ascendant qualities in any relationship. This is a sign of shared energy or like-mindedness. The combination of any one of these placements or a trine or septile would be a wonderful addition to a relationship. They indicate a flow of energy and a harmonious relationship. Both personalities are similar so they can blend well and enjoy one another’s company. Conjunctions can give mixed results, but I find them to be the positive the majority of the time between the Sun/Moon/Ascendant.

Oppositions or squares between any two points can lead to significant differences and problems that the couple will need to deal with. The differences may be in personality (Sun/Ascendant) or they could be more instinctive emotional differences (Moon), but there will be differences with the square and opposition aspects.

Venus/Moon Aspects

Venus and Moon are very important personal solar planets. These two influence our interactions with others. Venus is a social planet, and the Moon is our emotional reactions, so together they blend well when positively aspected. Venus and the Moon have positive aspects that work well together, so it is not surprising that many couples love them. These planets are gentle and can be very affectionate, making them lovey-dovey.

Negative aspects of Venus and Moon can be a sign of attraction. However, they are often more distasteful for each others’ behavior. The couple may be attracted but their emotions are often out of synch.

Mercury Aspects

Mercury is a planet not many people think of when relationships come to mind, but how can a relationship succeed without clear communication? Mercury’s positive aspects indicate ease of communication. Positive Mercury aspects can help couples communicate with each other.

Communication can be difficult when Mercury placements between people are either negative or very hard. Mercury squares and oppositions can make it difficult to understand each other’s intentions and arguments are more common due to misinterpretations or misunderstandings. This is not a definitive sign of a split, but it can cause the relationship to become more volatile.

Venus and Mars Aspects

The physical chemistry between a couple with a positive Venus/Mars aspect is unmistakable. These are the passionate couples who will give their all to one another. These couples can easily have intimate conversations with one another because their needs and desires are compatible. Venus can give Mars exactly what it wants and the two planets are very attracted.

Even couples that have a square or opposition between their Venus and Mars can still have great chemistry. It may be rougher around the edges, but just the fact that Mars & Venus aspect each other can make for a great match, given that the couple has other strong positive aspects to back it up.

Jupiter Aspects

Jupiter doesn’t have to be all things. Jupiter can bring too much intoxication to a relationship. However, it can also bring joy. Jupiter must have enough aspects of personal planets that make you happy to be with your partner, but not so many that it makes you feel overwhelmed. Jupiter aspects between two people can make them feel more generous around each other, and overall more positive.

Jupiter squares, oppositions, and other situations are where it gets a little overwhelming. The couple might buy each other gifts constantly, depleting their finances, or splurge on getaways and whatever makes them happy. The Jupiter partner will be the impulse spender.

Saturn Aspects

Saturn aspects bring a healthy dose of realism to relationships. As much as they need enthusiasm and optimism, relationships also require practicality. Saturn is a good “anchor”, especially when it comes to positive aspects. These aspects are known to provide stability and help to keep the relationship going through tough times.

Saturn’s negative attributes can be difficult to manage, but they are not impossible. Saturn’s negative aspects are easier to deal with when paired up with Venus or Moon, which is a gentler planet. Saturn can also be in opposition in squares or oppositions. Saturn people may be too harsh in their criticisms.

Uranus Aspects

Uranus can bring a bit of chaos to everything it touches. This can make relationships exciting but can also cause problems for people who prefer a lot more peace and tranquility in their lives. Uranus, through the conjunctions, textiles, as well as sometimes the conjunctions, can bring some variety and excitement. However, squares and opposing planets may prove too much for one or both of its partners.

When I was done with my research, it became clear that successful relationships contain a balance of the above aspects. I found that the relationships that had difficulties were those with more negative aspects or planets. On the other hand, the relationships that flourished had strong trines, fabrics, and connections between more positive planets. But balance is crucial. It can be difficult to manage relationships when there are too many things. What is most important is to try to resolve any conflicts and to enjoy the best parts of every relationship.

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