How Technology Can Save You Money in Unusual Ways


It is no secret that technology has significantly altered our world. It’s difficult to think how different the world would be without it—from communications to personal devices to healthcare tech.

Although many people view technology as an expenditure, it actually offers many opportunities for people to save money. There are several methods to save money with technology, including online shopping and using digital coupons. Did you realize, though, that there are yet more ways to leverage technology to your benefit financially? Here are 8 novel ways that technology might help you save.

Smart Home Technologies

Although these smart home appliances may cost you a little up front, the savings you can retain over time make the initial cost more than worthwhile. Long-term, you can actually save thousands of dollars.

In contrast to standard home features, most smart home appliances contain energy monitoring and consumption tracking capabilities that you can use to check your energy usage and patterns. They also don’t consume excessive power while they aren’t in use.

For example, smart thermostats can be programmed in many ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce your electricity costs. Smart lighting systems are another way to save energy while still supplying where and when you need it with appropriate lighting. With the aid of these technologies, you can quickly track and modify your energy usage to reduce expenditures.

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Solar Power

In the US, solar energy has grown in popularity as a power generation alternative. In reality, 8% of households, according to Pew Research, have solar panels on their roofs, and that percentage is only anticipated to grow as more people explore for alternative energy sources to lessen their dependency on conventional electricity providers.

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Solar panel installation can need an upfront expenditure, but the long-term benefits could add up over time. Additionally, a lot of jurisdictions provide tax breaks or incentives for installing solar panels on your house, further lowering the cost of the process. Additionally, you’ll be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that you’ve contributed to the effort to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Tools for Online Banking

Online banking tools are a frequently disregarded option to use technology to save money. These days, many banks have budgeting tools that let you keep tabs on your spending patterns and set up automated payments so you never again forget to make a payment.

The same tools can also assist you in identifying areas where you might be able to reduce spending or make other changes in order to strengthen your financial situation as a whole.

Additionally, there are various programs like Qapital, Acorns, and Wally that may help you keep track of your spending patterns, get started with investing, or round up your purchases to the nearest dollar so you can stealthily save money.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles, like the Tesla, are growing in popularity because of how practical and affordable they are. Since electric automobiles don’t require the same kind of fuel as conventional gasoline vehicles, fuel expenses can be significantly lowered over time while maintaining an electric car. In general, electricity is substantially less expensive than gasoline, and some states have agreements with specific energy providers that provide even more affordable rates for charging automobiles.

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Why You Should Think About Purchasing Electric Fleet Vehicles

Since electric cars lack intricate internal combustion engine components like spark plugs and fuel injectors, which need to be replaced on a regular basis, they may also require significantly less maintenance. Additionally, many jurisdictions, like California, give excellent tax benefits to owners of electric vehicles, with full credits depending on the model purchased. With all these advantages, going electric is soon turning out to be a sensible economical choice.

Access to Endless Entertainment Technology gives people access to endless entertainment options that weren’t before possible. Users of streaming services can read books, listen to music, view their preferred movies and television shows, and these services are easily accessible and reasonably priced.


Not all streaming services require payment. Numerous libraries provide apps that let you borrow material with your library card.

If we take the time to look into them, there are lots of ways that technology may help us save money. Technology has created a whole new universe of chances for saving money, from smart home gadgets that help us lower our energy expenditures to online banking applications that make it simple for us to manage our finances. So stop waiting and start utilizing technology right away so you can start saving tomorrow!


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