How Many Motorcycle Accidents Are Caused by Grass in the Road?

It’s not easy for a motorcycle to traverse grass. It is made up of 85 percent water. The combination of these two elements can lead a motorcyclist to lose control of his motorcycle and sustain a serious injury. Keep the fact in mind that grass cuttings could also be a security danger. temecula motorcycle accident attorney is good to know that there are laws in place to prevent this from happening. How can you keep grass clippings out of getting in the roadways?

Most common reasons for accidents involving motorcycles

One of the most common motorcycle crashes occurs when a vehicle fails to yield the right of way to a motorcycle. Drivers could not see motorcycles while they turn left, or even in their blind spots. It is possible that a vehicle will not detect the turn signal a motorcycle and hit it when it fails to allow the right-of-way. The most frequent causes of motorcycle accidents include left-hand turns commonly seen at intersections. Motorcycles frequently make left-hand turns with no signaling. A car may not see the motorcycle from their zone of vision and could crash into the motorcycle.

Because motorcycles are smaller than automobiles, drivers tend to be distracted and don’t focus on motorcycles. Many drivers fail to see motorcycles simply because they’re too small. A lot of drivers fail to discern the speed of motorbikes. Certain drivers don’t pay the attention they should. Motorists might be distracted, or aren’t paying the attention of others. Psychologists have recognized “inattentional blindness” as one of the contributing factors for motorcycle crashes.

Laws forbidding the leaving of grass clippings on the road

While many people know about the dangers of throwing grass clippings out onto the street, not all of them realize that they can cause a motorbike crash. Not only can grass clippings cause drainage issues, but they could also pose a risk for motorcyclists. In the words of the New York State Department of Transportation motor vehicle accidents could result from harmful materials placed on roads. If you violate these laws could cost those who ride an unnecessary and expensive legal action.

In addition to being dangerous, grass clippings can separate tires from roads. They can also lead to spinouts or sudden loss of mobility. Clippings from the grass could result in serious trauma to a motorcyclist. This is why laws prohibiting the leaving of grass clippings on the roads are important. Legislation on this subject will save lives, and they will improve the safety of highways.

Amount of deaths that are resulted from grass growing in the road

There is a shocking amount of motorcycle crashes that result in fatalities every year. And one accident has been responsible for a death. The research shows that grass clippings could cause grave injuries or death. Motorcyclists may not be aware of how much traction have because grass contains 85% water. The motorcycle can lose control because of the 85% of water that could cause severe injuries.

The incident which killed Cheryl Zeglen was caused by the driver of a motorbike and a vehicle who was able to blow grass clippings into the road. Pankey had been riding his bike and was able to blow grass clippings over the roads. He was driving behind him. Thomas E. Zeglen, while he was stopped, tried to avoid Pankey and exchanged finger gestures with Pankey. Unfortunately, she did not see the cyclist and struck her.


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